• 2015 Playoff Picture after Week 16

    Week 16 did not clear up as much as we had hoped. Quite a few losses that were not expected keeps everything from being all finished. However, only 14 teams are still in the mix and the NFC is set except for seeding.


    New England: The Patriots are currently the AFC #1 seed. They have two possibilities left.

    A win over Miami or a loss with Denver also losing gives us the #1 seed.
    A loss with Denver winning makes them the #1 seed and us the #2 seed.

    Denver: Denver's overtime win was huge for them. Not only does it ensure that they are in the playoffs, it keeps them alive for the #1 seed. They are currently the AFC #2 seed.

    If they win and the Pats lose they are the #1 seed.
    If they win and the Pats win they are the #2 seed. Even if the Bengals won, the Broncos have the head to head tiebreaker.
    However, if they lose to the Chargers and KC beats Oakland, KC is the 3 seed, Cincy is the 2 seed and the Broncos are the 5 seed. In this case, it doesn't matter if the Pats win or lose.

    So, Bengals fans, this week you need to root for San Diego and KC to get your bye back.

    Cincinnati: The Bengals are currently the AFC #3 seed. The second half collapse last night hurt the Bengals badly.

    If they win and Denver loses, they move back to the 2.
    If they lose, or if Denver wins, they stay the 3.

    At the moment, they are hosting the Jets Wild Card weekend.

    Houston: The Texans are currently the AFC #4 seed, and have a literal 99.97 percent chance to keep that. The Colts need 10 things to happen to get the AFC South. The first was Denver winning last night. So they have one down.

    Should any of the other 9 fail to happen, then Houston wins the AFC South. I'd consider it a lock that they will.

    At the moment, they are hosting KC Wild Card weekend.

    Kansas City KC is currently the AFC #5 seed. They are in the playoffs.

    If they win and Denver loses, they win the AFC West and move to the 3 seed.
    If they lose, they stay the 5.

    It's very simple for them.

    At the moment, they go to Houston in the Wild Card round.

    New York: The Jets are currently the AFC #6 seed. As with KC, they have very simple needs.

    If they beat Rex and Bills they are in and travel to the AFC West champs in the Wild Card Round.
    If they lose and the Steelers lose, the Jets keeps the 6 seed.
    If the Jets lose and the Steelers win, the Steelers get the 6 seed.

    Currently, they go to Cincy Wild Card weekend.

    Pittsburgh The Steelers were one of many playoff teams to lose games they should have won. Week 16 was crazy. It gives them one way to the dance.

    The Steelers need to win and the Jets need to lose. Unless that happens, they are done.

    Indianapolis: The Colts have a tiny chance to make the dance, so to be complete, I have to cover them. For them to make it, all of the following have to happen! if even one does not, they go home.

    1. Denver winning last night. (check)
    2. Houston losing to Jacksonville.
    3. Indy beating the Titans.
    4. Cincy losing to the Ravens.
    5. Denver beating the Chargers.
    6. The Jets losing to the Bills.
    7. The Saints losing to Atlanta.
    8. KC losing to the Raiders.
    9. Miami beating the Pats; and
    10. Pittsburgh beating the Browns.

    9 of the 16 games next weekend matter to the Colts.


    Carolina: The Panthers loss to Atlanta leaves them short of the NFC #1 seed. They have simple scenarios.

    If they win, they are the 1 seed.
    If they lose and Arizona wins, they are the 2.

    Arizona: The Cardinals are currently the NFC 2 #seed. They cannot go below that. Like the Panthers, they are easy.

    If they win and the Panthers lose, they are the 1 seed.
    Anything else and they are the 2 seed.

    Green Bay: The Packers are currently the NFC #3 seed. The Vikings game has seeding implications, as also depends on Seattle and Arizona. The winner of Packers and Vikings wins the NFC North and is the 3 seed. The other is a wild card team.

    If Green Bay wins and Arizona wins, the Packers host Seattle in the Wild Card Game.
    If Green Bay wins and Seattle wins, the Packers host the Vikings again in the Wild Card Game.
    If the Packers lose, they are the 5 seed, and go to Washington on Wild Card Weekend.

    Washington: Washington is the NFC #4 seed. They cannot move at all. Who they host can vary.

    If Green Bay wins and Arizona wins, Washington hosts Minnesota.
    If Green Bay wins and Seattle wins, Washington hosts Seattle.
    If Green Bay loses, Washington hosts Green Bay.

    Washington's own game is meaningless. Win or lose, they are the 4 seed.

    Minnesota: The Vikings are currently the NFC #5 seed.

    Seattle: The Seahawks are currently the NFC #6 seed.

    Both teams options have been explained above.