• All Hail Megatron

    Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson has made it official. One of the sport's most freakishly gifted athletes leaves behind a legacy which may never be matched.

    • Fastest player to 10,000 receiving yards (115 games). Also the fastest to 11,000 yards (127 games)
    • Only Johnson and Hall of Fame WR Lance Alworth ever averaged 100 yards per game over spans of 60, 70 and 75 games.
    • From the time he entered the NFL in 2007, he caught more touchdowns (83) and gained more yards (11,619) than any other player through 2015.
    • Over nine seasons, fans around the world tuned to watch Johnson play in the Lions annual Thanksgiving Day game, and he did not disappoint. In nine Thanksgiving Day games, he caught 11 touchdowns, which is the most ever by a player on Thanksgiving in NFL history. He caught a touchdown in each of his last seven Thanksgiving Day games. This past season, he tied a career single-game high of three touchdown catches against the Eagles.
    • Johnson is the only player in the Super Bowl era (since 1967) to average 120 yards per game in a season when he averaged 122.8 yards per game in 2012.
    • Johnson holds the all-time record for the highest average yards per game in NFL history (86.1). He also is tied with Hall of Fame WR Lance Alworth for the most 200-yard games in NFL history with five, and he has the most 200-yard games (6) in both regular season and postseason games.
    Next stop for Calvin?

    The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    All Hail Megatron.

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    1. Patrick Sullivan's Avatar
      No word as of yet whether the Lions are going to ask CJ to pay back $3.2 million in bonus money. There is some speculation the team may let him keep that cash as an incentive to stay retired and not try to get the team to release him so he can go play somewhere else.

      I personally do not see that happening. The way the press release reads, Johnson sounds like he is completely done with football. I believe that to be the case. Calvin has always been a completely straight shooter. If he says he's done, I believe him.
    1. iwatt's Avatar
      Not going to miss playing against him. Peanut Tillman was the best DB my team could put on Megatron, which usually meant just an excellent performance by the freak, and not total abuse. Since Peanut left, Megatron abused my team.
    1. Patrick Sullivan's Avatar
      Calvin did usually abuse the Bears. For some reason, he seldom had monster games against the Packers.