• 2016 FootballPros.com Upset Special Challenge: Week Three - Master of Puppets

    Coach: "Let's trot out our third string quarterback and hang a 28-burger on what many are are calling the NFL's second-best defense. Oh, and to complete the trick, let's go make that ridiculously overrated $17 million future career backup QB look like the donut he really is.""

    Team: "Yes, coach."

    Bill Belichick is awesome.

    On to Week Three.

    • One pick per week
    • Your chosen team must be at least a (+3) underdog (Only games listed in this column are eligible)
    • Your chosen team must win the game outright (no 'pushes' or 'covers')
    • Season winner is the one with the most upsets correctly chosen between Week #1 through the Conference Championship Games (20 weeks all together)
    • There will be a points system to determine a winner in the event of a tie
    • Points will be accumulated by adding the game spreads for your correct picks (if you take Carolina (+4.5) and Carolina wins, you will be awarded a win and 4.5 points). Be careful making picks based on the number of points possible. Points only count if you are tied for the total wins lead when the whole contest is finished.
    • The No Upsets Option: Predict correctly that 'No Upsets' will occur in any given week and you will be awarded one win and a point total equal to the sum of all the spreads in that week's Upset Special. If you wish to exercise the 'No Upsets' Option, that prediction is due by 5 minutes prior to kickoff of the first game of the week in question. This includes any included Thursday or Saturday games. The 'No Upsets' option is confined to the Upset Possibilities listed in this article.
    • Picks are due no later than 5 minutes before the scheduled start of the broadcast time for your game. The FootballPros.com time stamp on your post is gospel.
    • Spread lines, once posted, will remain static throughout the week. This isn't The Sports Book at Caesar's Palace, after all.
    Let's. Get it. ON!!

    Week #3 Upset Special Possibilities

    Odds by OddsShark.
    All times Eastern.
    Underdogs in bold.

    Thursday Night Football
    Sunday 9:30 AM Eastern, London Game
    Sunday 1:00 Games
    • Redskins (+4) @ Giants
    • Cardinals @ Bills (+4)
    • Broncos (+3) @ Bengals
    • Browns (+10) @ Dolphins
    • Vikings (+7) @ Panthers
    • Lions (+7) @ Packers

    Sunday 4:15 Games
    • 48ers (-9.5) @Seahawks
    • Rams (+5) @ Buccaneers
    • Steelers @ Eagles (+3.5)
    • Jets (+3) @ Chiefs

    Sunday Night Football (8:20 PM)
    • Bears (+7) @ Cowboys

    Monday Night Football (8:30 PM)
    • Falcons (+3) @ Saints

    Biggie's Week #7 Upset Special: Gimme the Falcons (+3)

    Comments 17 Comments
    1. ScottDCP's Avatar
    1. Raven's Avatar
      Falcons +3
    1. Brian Williams's Avatar
      Last week, the last team worked. This week, I'll go with the first team listed.

      Give me the Skins (+4)
    1. chris's Avatar
    1. hobbes27's Avatar
      I really want to pick sexy Rexy with 10 days to prepare for a team traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast. But I can't do it, because its Rex.

      So give me the Rams
    1. Patrick Sullivan's Avatar
    1. Afrocomb's Avatar
    1. Amy's Avatar
      Give me the Broncos.
    1. Rich Gapinski's Avatar
      Geez. I dunno. Give me the Vikes
    1. Patrick Sullivan's Avatar
    1. xmenehune's Avatar
      oops missed last week - should I take DEN or NYJ?
      instead I'll take
      CLE w/rookie 1st start QB
    1. Ragar's Avatar
      Following last weeks logic (or laziness to not pick before Monday),

    1. Patrick Sullivan's Avatar
      Lots of winners this week.

      Vikings (+7) -- Rich, chris
      Rams (+5) -- hobbes27, Afrocomb
      Broncos (+3) -- Amy
      Redskins (+4) -- Brian

      Me, Ragar and Raven are on the Falcons (+3) tonight.
    1. Patrick Sullivan's Avatar
      There is still time to grab the Falcons tonight.
    1. Patrick Sullivan's Avatar
      Jiminiy Screaming Christalino. ESPN's MNF stadium desk has six people.

    1. Patrick Sullivan's Avatar
      This week's final tally

      Vikings (+7) -- Rich, chris
      Rams (+5) -- hobbes27, Afrocomb
      Redskins (+4) -- Brian
      Broncos (+3) -- Amy
      Falcons (+3) -- Ragar, Raven, Biggie
    1. Rich Gapinski's Avatar

      NAME TTL
      Raven 3.090
      Chris 2.110
      Rich G 2.100
      Biggie 2.090
      Hobbes27 2.085
      Brian 2.075
      Amy 2.065
      Ragar 2.065
      Afrocomb 1.050