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    I got tired of the place not the people. I miss what we had here. I didn't like being the authority figure, that's not something I'm good at or interested in, and was tired of the maintenance involved in running the site. I wanted some place else that we could get together just to catch up. I've been spending a lot of time on reddit and thought that their format fits us much better than a full forum so I started /r/footballpros. It is open to the public and all of you can read and subscribe. I am the moderator but only because I had to be to start the sub. I will be making anyone a mod who wants to be. Come tell us how you're doing and what you've been up to. Spread the word to other FP alumni.

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    1. Andy Freeland's Avatar
      I might be the first admin in history to spam his own site trying to steal users.
    1. brauneyz's Avatar
      I know nothing about reddit, and judging by lack of activity here, I'm not sure it'll go. Then again, I'm totally out of the loop, but can't hurt, I suppose.
    1. Rich Gapinski's Avatar
      Obviously, I am willing to mod over there. I am on reddit a lot for other dorky interests. Shockingly, my UN at reddit is Polishguy00. I am very creative.
    1. Matt Kocsan's Avatar
      I don't have a reddit account, but I'm willing to give it a try.
    1. ScottDCP's Avatar
      I have heard the word Reddit. I think. Maybe.
    1. xmenehune's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Andy Freeland View Post
      I might be the first admin in history to spam his own site trying to steal users.

      oh too funny... lol

      it is a great site for some topics, not so much for others.... so I guess I'll see you guys there???
    1. Brian Williams's Avatar
      Just signed up. Mod me if you like. And if you'd prefer not to... TTHHHHHHPPPPPTTTTT!!!!