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    Greetings Mr. Wyche! Thank you for becoming a contributor to FPL!

    I was curious...what is the most important factor in being able to run the no huddle effectively? Peyton Manning? Versatile players? How has the offense evolved? Are you still an advocate of it?

    No-Huddle Offense started in Cincinnati in 1984

    Cincinnati was at training camp in Wilmington, Ohio, in 1984........Forrest Gregg had just left to be the new Head Coach (post Bart Starr) in Green Bay.........Cincinnati's new coach came from the 49ers via a one year stay as Head Coach at Indiana University..........
    During one of the workouts, in the middle of two-a-days, I blew the whistle and yelled "Nickle Period" -- this is the time in practice when we work on 3rd and medium to long situations.......the offense went into a huddle, and the defense took out the run stoppers and poor cover guys and put in quick, up field rushers and better man coverage players.......
    I stood there and said to myself (no one would listen to me, anyway): "Everyone in the stadium knows we are going to pass the ball; why are we going back into a caucus (huddle) for 20 seconds and let the defense substitute? Are we nutts?"
    That was the start of the No-Huddle........Five years later we beat Buffalo in the pre-season, regular season, and AFC Playoffs to go to Super Bowl XXIII.........A year later, Buffalo invented the No-Huddle!
    Haveagreatlife! Sam Wyche

    Who was the coach in that Seattle - Cincy game that had his defensive players fake injuries to stop the no-huddle? I distinctly recall Coach Wyche being livid on the sidelines over that shenanigan.
    Chuck Knox.......super coach and an innovative strategist.....he had their nose tackle (Joe Nash) fake an injury after the 2nd down whistle blew......this caused the clock to stop, and subs to come on the field........pretty good idea, though--and it worked! We played the Bills the next week for the
    AFC Championship.........in spite of the Bills' objection, we ran the No-Huddle in that game and won.......By the way, the NFL Commissioner ordered me not to run the No-Huddle in the AFC Championship game--they told me about it 2 hours before the game----I refused and the League backed down.
    Haveagreatlife! sam wyche
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      Way to put this together. Great read and alot of fun.
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      good job,way to grab the front page
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      Go 'head on InNOut!! Awesome; Thanks Sam for the answers!! Love the fact that you stood up to Rozelle & league with no backing down from some honestly good football! Also, love the "haveagreatlife" closing! LOL!

      No Huddle Rocks so Hard & is necessity in the league today. Not every team runs it but its necessary to run a play when the crowd is very loud or to not be obvious. The mystery of it is Great & so is the window dressing!
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      Turk talk v. Sam Stories. Very tough call which is my favorite. You guys are classics. Maybe we could do Turk Talk about Sam Stories. That would be my favorite hits album.
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      Playing QB for Sam and running the No Huddle was a blast. Not only was Sam a good teacher but also a good listener. He listened to our ideas with open ears, and some of the time, he would implement them into the system. He also trusted us to audible at the L.O.S. and occasionally I would change a play in the huddle. Fortunately for me the play worked, but it was a feeling of mutual trust that impelled me to make a play change in the huddle. I always enjoyed the QB's Wednesday morning meeting with Sam. After hearing Sam talk about the game plan, Boomer and I would sometimes look at each other and say ... Sam you didn't get any sleep last night, did you ?
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      Sam Wyche was truly and innovator when it came to offense. He cam through the Bill Walsh and Paul Brown tree. Sam was the one in my opinion that really mad no huddle work. I remember watching those Bengal teams with Booker Esiason at the controls. Buffalo started the no huddle two years later. The Bengals beat them in the 1988 AFC Championship to go to Super Bowl XXIII. It was not until the 1990 season that Buffalo used it and Ted Marchibroda got all the credit. If we all remember the Bill in 1989 were known as the "Bickering Bills". I think the Bengals were the best team in 1988 and Super Bowl XXIII was one of the classics. Sorry Cris, Sam, Dave, & Turk. Unfortunately for Cincinnati they got beat by in my opinion the best QB ever twice, Joe Montana. That was the game that made Montana the legend. There is no shame in being beat by Joe Montana in my opinion. I am a Packers fan and they got beat By Elway. The great ones find a way. However, the no huddle offense really began with Sam Wyche when he brought the 49er west coast offense with him and put a turbo charger on it. I love watching them play te game. Thanks Sam.