• Champ Bailey's agent: the Broncos still haven't called at this time

    As the Broncos work diligently to make over their franchise, a lot of questions have been asked about the organization’s future.

    Fans have heard from John Elway, the team’s new executive vice president of football operations.

    They’ve heard from John Fox, the team’s newly-named head coach.

    Yet at this time, nobody’s heard a definitive commitment about the Broncos’ intentions of re-signing cornerback Champ Bailey.

    Despite recent reports inferring it’s practically guaranteed Bailey will return to Denver, his agent downplayed the notion by underlining negotiations haven’t even restarted.

    “There has been no contact from the Broncos since before the season started,” said Bailey’s agent, Jack Reale, when contacted Thursday evening.

    Though the Broncos were close to completing a four-year extension during the 2010 regular season that would have kept the nine-time Pro Bowler in Denver through 2014, they abruptly tabled talks with his agent, suggesting the timing just wasn’t right.

    This allowed Bailey to play out the seventh and final year of his $63 million deal, with no noticeable rush for additional clarity.

    Though it’s noted Bailey’s 2010 statistics (of 45 combined tackles, two interceptions, and one sack) show a decline in comparison to his career averages, there’s no doubt Bailey showed the Broncos faithful he was often the best player on defense.

    Even as the team finished the regular season ranked 25th in passing defense, 31st in rushing defense, and dead last in total defense, there was hardly a time the 32-year-old stood out as the problem while nursing a sore right heel.

    So now with the regular season over, and with free agency looming, there’s no guarantee the Broncos’ previous offer would be satisfactory at this point given Bailey’s overall performance.

    Meanwhile, there are a number of teams that could be interested in Bailey’s services including perhaps the Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Atlanta Falcons.

    Not to mention, with every day that passes without a sincere attempt to bring Bailey back into the fold, the Broncos allow more opportunity for other teams to sweep him off of his feet.

    So at the end of the day could Bailey still come back to the Broncos?


    There’s still time. One could certainly envision a call from general manager Bran Xanders coming at any point, or a private meeting in a shaded corner at the upcoming NFL Combine.

    But until then, the only thing that’s certain in regards to Bailey, is that his agent says the Broncos haven’t called yet.

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    1. saki79's Avatar
      Good article. Champ will get his money from someone next season. Good CBs are too valuable in the NFL.
    1. Ripperlicious's Avatar
      Perhaps the Broncos are pondering adding a younger and better and less injury-prone CB like Namdi Asomougha. A big contract coming off the books to be able to add another bigger contract to replace him.
    1. Josina Anderson's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Ripperlicious View Post
      Perhaps the Broncos are pondering adding a younger and better and less injury-prone CB like Namdi Asomougha. A big contract coming off the books to be able to add another bigger contract to replace him.
      I think it would be really nice to have AWESOME-wa and CHAMP together in Denver. Just saying.
    1. Josina Anderson's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by saki79 View Post
      Good article. Champ will get his money from someone next season. Good CBs are too valuable in the NFL.
      Yes but shouldn't Xanders at least give Reale a call to check in out of courtesy by now. I mean Bailey has done just a little for the franchise. I know negotiations tactics are all about strategy, and Xanders has a lot on his plate. Certainly Broncos brass has their mind on completing a staff and figuring out why name coaches are choosing to turn them down.
      Still...it's Champ. Not to mention none of us know what Perrish Cox's future is right now given the legal questions surrounding him.
    1. Dave Lapham's Avatar
      The fact that Namdi Asomougha and Champ Bailey could be on te market the same year? Amazing!!! Is it related to fear of the uncertainty of the collective bargaining agreement? In the past you never saw starting QBs, CBs, pass rushers and LTs on the market. EVER.
    1. darvon's Avatar
      Can a new contract be signed today without a CBA?

      If so, then why can't someone sign Namdi? As I understand it, he is not a Free Agent, but rather he was Released by the Raiders. Signing Namdi, whose rights have been released by his club should be the same as signing me and much different than signing a Free Agent.

      Am I misinterpreting this?
    1. Josina Anderson's Avatar
      Not sure if Nnamdi is into Denver. Apparently Atlanta sports radio is buzzing about bringing Champ back to his home. Last I talked to Champ he sounded like Denver was still appealing but that was right before season ended. I get the feeling the longer it takes, the longer his memory gets though. Anything can happen. We will see.
    1. FessJL0861's Avatar
      If I was what is left of Pat Bowlen's common sense, I would drive to Champ's house this minute and write out a contract on a bar napkin. Champ is one of those guys that you want with the franchise long term. Why you wouldn't want guys like Champ or Lynch involved to preach the "Bronco Way" is beyond me. Getting Elway involved is a great start, but get Lynch on staff and sign Champ to play as long as he isn't getting burned constantly. This is a guy the fanbase wants. This is a guy they need.
    1. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar
      It would be Cool for The Champ to come back to Denver but I have a feeling that the Broncos may be in the Nnamdi Sweepstakes. As a Raiders fan, I don't want that but I know that it would really help the Broncos in the rivalry each year. Champ is the man and he deserves some communication let alone a Good Deal.
    1. Darren83's Avatar

      Do you think the Broncos hierarchy are waiting on Champ Bailey because they are considering the selection of LSU's Patrick Peterson at #2? He's a consensus Top 5 pick and best Corner in the draft, in addition to prowess as a Punt Returner. Given the possibility of a rookie wage scale as well as the potential and youth of Peterson, Xanders and Elway may be doing their due diligence and making Champ wait.

      Of course, as a self-interested individual, I am monitoring this situation, as it impacts the players available for my Bills. Would love to see Bowers/Fairley fall to #3. Although Peterson might be the can't miss player of the 2011 Draft, considering the importance of a lockdown corner in today's passing-heavy league (see: Revis, Darrelle; Williams, Tramon and Woodson, Charles to name a few we'll be watching tomorrow).

      Best Regards.