• Free Agent Receivers

    In the best spirit of expecting a real NFL season (eventually), we move on in our unrestricted free agent (UFA) search to another position group, the receivers.

    There’s some great history from the list below but who still has an NFL future?

    WIDE RECEIVERS (alpha order)
    Mark Clayton (29) (Rd 1 #15 2004)
    Braylon Edwards (28) (Rd1 #3 2005)
    Randy Moss (34) (Rd 1 #21 1998)
    Santana Moss (32) (Rd 1 #16 2001)
    Terrell Owens (37) (Rd 3 #89 1996)
    (Never noticed that Terrell’s middle name is Eldorado – flashy, just like TO)

    TIGHT ENDS (alpha order)
    Chris Baker (31) (Rd 3 #88 2002)
    Daniel Graham (32) (Rd 1 #21 2002)
    Randy McMichael (32) (Rd 4 #114 2002)
    Robert Royal (32) (Rd 5 #160 2002)
    Bo Scaife (30) (Rd 6 #179 2005)

    If this goes on for a few more weeks, the next step is likely to be Fantasy Free Agency.

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    1. brauneyz's Avatar
      I think Eldorado is probably done, as is Randy Moss, but Be Easy Edwards will land somewhere. I may have missed it, but is it pretty much accepted that Jets won't go out of their way to retain him? And in the absence of a CBA (salary cap, FA regs, etc.), I can see them keeping him. Shift the $$$ around. It's just a giant shell game anyway.
    1. Phil McConkey's Avatar
      Anyone of those TE's would be an upgrade at the position for the Bills.
    1. GoBigOrGoHome's Avatar
      The longer the lockout drags on, the more likely it will be that all these guys end up on NFL rosters (even Moss & TO).
    1. Nancy's Avatar
      Not sure any of those guys would be a good fit for Carolina, though Mark Clayton is under 30 and maybe has some years left if he's recovered from the knee injury. It's possible that the other WRs on the list are more trouble than they're worth. Panthers already signed Jeremy Shockey at TE, and I think he may be a good pickup for them, if someone can remind them that it's ok to throw to the tight end once in a while.
    1. Dave Lapham's Avatar
      Braylon Edwards has the most ability and the most baggage for sure. Has big play potential and will find a home. The high number of drops drives me nuts though. Mark Clayton never developed into the player I thought he would coming out of Oklahoma. Hw was the first one on the practice field and last one to leave every day. Great work ethic. I still think he can help some teams. The others are more dicey, long in the tooth. TO is a freak physically, but a royal pain in the ass otherwise. I think every one of the TEs bring something to the table and will all find spots on NFL rosters.
    1. Cris Collinsworth's Avatar
      Braylon Edwards is still the top player of interest on that list.
    1. bengalhoel's Avatar
      TO and Santana Moss actually had better years than Braylon Edwards did. I know Braylon is talented, but something about him bothers me when I watch him. Its like when you watch someone who is not as talented make up for it with hustle and determination, and then you watch him not dominate the game with all the physical ability in the world.
    1. msclemons's Avatar
      Comedians all over the US are hoping Braylon signs a big deal somewhere. I already have my "$750,000 per drop" jokes ready.

      Indications are Clayton will resign with the Rams which would be good for both parties. He seemed to find a good niche there.

      TO and Randy Moss both had the same problem last year - they didn't slow down much but they forgot how to run routes. Randy Moss never did run routes very well except for the 9 but it was strange to see TO flounder so badly. Neither of these guys is going to see a big payday but hopefully for Moss the lunch service will be good.

      Has Santana Moss ever had a real, actual NFL QB throw the ball to him? I've seen flashes of brilliance over the years but then he just disappears for games at a time.

      I think all of those TEs will find a home but to be honest they seem interchangeable to me. None of them really stand out.
    1. Pruitt's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Phil McConkey View Post
      Anyone of those TE's would be an upgrade at the position for the Bills.
      What? Since when do the Bills need a tight end. Bring back Butch Rolle!

      Braylon Edwards has had a Highly Concentrated career.

      1) Early Promise
      2) Budding Superstar
      3) Rapid fall off
      4) Malcontent
      5) Fresh new start
      6) Another bridge burned

      All in 6 short years!
    1. ScottDCP's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Phil McConkey View Post
      Anyone of those TE's would be an upgrade at the position for the Bills.
      We already had Royal. I remember too many drops and a few too many missed blocks. OK, yeah, still an upgrade.

      My favorite on that list is Baker.

      For the receivers, the only one I'd try is Randy Moss. I say that because I'm Buffalo and am happy with the guys currently on the roster. Randy Moss had velcro on his gloves, and the rest are droppers or Santana Moss, who I think is old too soon.
    1. Trumpetbdw's Avatar
      If I were a team that desperately needed to gamble on a possible #1, Braylon is the choice, but I wouldn't be happy about it. Ideally, I'd like to be in a situation where I needed an upgrade at #3, and in that case, the preference is Mark Clayton, who really seemed to find a niche last year in St. Louis. Still a gamble, but at a much more reasonable rate.
    1. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar
      The most interesting one is Randy Moss. I think its crazy that he wound up with three differemt teams last year. I think he's worn out his welcome with the League for the most part but he'll still be on a roster in 2011, but his last also I think.
    1. inguagiatoj28's Avatar
      Braylon Edwards is definitely the top wide receiver. He is a huge target and helps open up the field. He would be great on Kansas City help Bowe get open and more one on one coverage.
    1. Andy Freeland's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by inguagiatoj28 View Post
      Braylon Edwards is definitely the top wide receiver. He is a huge target and helps open up the field. He would be great on Kansas City help Bowe get open and more one on one coverage.
      He would definitely help the Chiefs, who need someone on the other side of Bowe, but they drafted Jon Baldwin in the 1st round this year and converted RB Dexter McCluster in the 2nd last year. I don't know that they would add a big money FA WR until they see if those guys can get the job done.
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