• Free Agent Offensive Linemen

    For the next UFA (Unrestricted Free Agent) position group, we move to the big guys up front who do a lot of the work but only get recognized on the PA system if they get penalized.

    Who would you sign? For what team?

    G David Baas (29) (Rd 2 #33 2002)
    T Jamaal Brown (30) (Rd 1 #13 2005)
    G Derrick Dockery (30) (Rd 3 #81 2003)
    G Robert Gallery (31) (Rd 1 #2 2004)
    C Jonathan Goodwin (32) (Rd 5 #154 2002)
    G Kyle Kosier (32) (Rd 7 # 248 2002)
    C Olin Kreutz (34) (Rd 3 #64 1998)
    T Matt Light (33) (Rd 2 #48 2001)
    T Sean Locklear (30) (Rd 3 #84 2004)
    G Evan Mathis (29) (Rd 3 #79 2005)
    C Scott Mruczkowski (29) (Rd 7 #242 2005)
    T Ryan O’Callaghan (28) (Rd 5 #136 2006)
    C Chris Spencer (29) (Rd 1 #26 2005)
    T Langston Walker (31) (Rd 2 #53 2002)
    C Casey Wiegmann (38) (Free agent 1996)
    G Floyd Womack (32) (Rd 4 # 128 2001)
    T Damien Woody (33) (Rd 1 # 17 1999)

    There are four former first-round picks on this list but the most interesting player might be Casey Wiegmann. He’s the oldest and the only undrafted free agent of the group. Wiegmann entered the league in 1996 and was still on the KC roster in 2010 after many years as a starter. His career may be ending soon but he has certainly made the most of the opportunity.

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    1. ReaderM's Avatar
      This is one of the instances that a bunch of teams are expecting that if a new deal isn't reached that &Lockout is forced opened that the 2010 Free Agency rules are in effect. There are a ton of RFA tender Offense Lineman out there on teams that could help change a lot of teams. I know the Bucs alone have 2 in Davin Joseph and Jeremy Trueblood that will be FA under normal rules but RFA under 2010 rules.
    1. DannyMilk's Avatar
      yeah, sometimes age doesn't matter when signing OLs...they seem to last a long time and have steady careers...I can say though that I would not recommend anyone sign Kreutz...it's unfortunate, because he's had a remarkable career here...I think I would go after Dockery and Locklear first if the time is right, and I think everyone knows the Bears need help, not only with the O-Line performance wise, but like I said with Kreutz (although I'd like to see them draft a center and have Kreutz mentor him the next 2 years for him to take over while Kreutz maybe retires) age is also a factor.
    1. Russell S Baxter's Avatar
      Jamaal Brown and Matt Light would make for a pair of interesting bookends...If someone signs Gallery, it would be intriguing to see if he's played at guard or tackle...
    1. iwatt's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by DannyMilk View Post
      but like I said with Kreutz (although I'd like to see them draft a center and have Kreutz mentor him the next 2 years for him to take over while Kreutz maybe retires) age is also a factor.
      Yup, we need a franchise center. What the Bears should do is sign one mauling Guard, to take off the pressure off Olin. He's old, but with some stronger guys on the sides he could still apply his saavy.
    1. KabaModernFan's Avatar
      Jamaal Brown looks like the best of this group, and he can excel at either the left or right side. Robert Gallery is actually a pretty good guard and would be a pretty valuable addition to any team needing interior help. Chris Spencer has developed into a solid center in Seattle, and could be grabbed below market value and provide plenty of help.
    1. Polishguy00's Avatar
      This crop will form this as the Bears new offensive line:

      LT: J. Brown
      LG: K. Kosier
      C: C. Spencer
      RG: R. Gallery
      RT: D. Woody

      Pretty sure that is better than what we have now. I would love to re-sign Olin to mentor somebody, though. I actually think we should do it matter what. I just feel he has been a great Bear. Unfortunately, he was a noticeable step sower last year which hurt his leverage badly against a lot of guys he never would have given ground to before.
    1. Dave Lapham's Avatar
      Jamaal Brown has had knee problems. Robert Gallery's arms are too short to pass protect at OT, he is a guard.
      Sean Locklear and Chris Spencer probably have the best football left in them from this group. But as was previously mentioned depending on what set of rules are agreed to at the negotiating table some interesting names could be added to the mix. You will not find any LT free agents unless there is a fly in their ointment somewhere. They are like good CBs, they rarely hit the free agent market. A lot of these players could be an upgrade at C or G for a few teams for sure. The final list could have more appeal.
    1. msclemons's Avatar
      David Baas switched to center last year when Heitmann was injured. Baas did an excellent job of helping Alex Smith buy time to throw interceptions. I think Baas will get some looks if there is ever a season.
    1. DCFanatic's Avatar
      Should the Cowboys resign Kosier or go after Robert Gallery?

      Or should they resign Kosier, sign Gallery and cut Leonard Davis who is over paid?
    1. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar
      The interesting one is Robert Gallery; he's been called a bust by some and has also been marked to not return to the Raiders. However, I think with the right kind of coaching he can be utilized well with OAK. He can be successful and help keep the team on the right side of the tracks but consistency is key.
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