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  1. I know!!! I got so happy when I heard that when I woke up! I think it's a perfect fit for him. How often to you hear so and so from the Patriots were arrested or in some other sorta' trouble very rarely. Ex players yes or players coming into the organization, yes.
    He'll be well coached and what better QB to learn from then Brady.
    He might never take a snap for us but I think he'll be great value for us down the line. And what (god forbid) Brady goes down again, I feel a lot better knowing he's an option, haven't seen Hoyer enough to know what he's all about. Although I'm pretty sure that he's got something otherwise BB would have let him go a long time ago.

    Can't wait for football to start up! Hope alls well with you
    PS tried to send this as a message to you but it said you've exceeded your ds
  2. Have a great trip to sunny Mexico, no I'm not jealous at all Hahaha! Hope to see you in the chat on Saturday & Sunday for the games, but totally understand if you're laying on the beach with a coconut drink with a tiny umbrella
    Safe travels
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