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  1. nope, not a Jets fan per se but my father is, he's 72 and we only talk after football games so I HAVE TO be up to date on my Jets information. Thank you for the well wishing, it's been hard for sure but I'm a positive person with a lot to look forward to. I think I'll take your advice and post something every now and then just to let people know whats happening. I do treatments every Wednesday and every other week I do a very delicate procedure that keeps me in the hospital for a couple days.

    Thanks for reaching out to me. It really does mean a lot. Along with the unending support I get from my Family, the support the OG has shown me makes me feel like I'm not quite so alone. Kinda lame but, it is what it is.

    I hope your doing well and had a great weekend.
  2. Pattrick, speaking as one of the OG, let me say good luck in your fight. If we can lend support in any way, just holler. Feel free to drop updates on your visitor page. I think we do have a nice little community thing building here.

    My thoughts are with you. You're not a JETS fan though, are you? LOL!

    Go Pats.
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