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  1. Pleasure. I switched over from the Wegmans brand when they reformulated aa decade or so ago. Happy choice.
  2. I wasn't expecting the Tops brand recommendation. I used to drink quite a lot of Tops lemon lime soda when i was a wee young lad. Thanks for the info.
  3. Henry Weinhard's, Thomas Kemper's, Tops (really), and Iron Fireman in no particular order. IF is brewed in Honeoye Falls, NY, and I'm not sure they sell it commercially anymore. It's number two on my list. I get it at the brewery since they stopped carrying growlers at the local enormous beer store.

    The regular Virgil's is quite heavy with wintergreen, so be on guard. The nutmeg is fairly well labeled, and comes in a 20 or so ounce bottle.
  4. Root Beer. Odd, but interesting. What others do you recommend? My wife likes Root Beer.
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