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Welcome to my world. I hope people like it and I can be thought provoking. I'll try not to be too much a homer.

In fact, my first blog is about the Kolb trade. I want to break it down more and try to offer deeper analysis then I did on CC's first page thread.

So, here we go. My premise is that Arizona overpaid for Kevin Kolb. Let's look at some facts:

1. Arizona needed a QB. This is undisputed. They don't seem to think either of the young guys, Max Hall or Rich Bartel, can be a starter. Leinart was a bust, Warner retired, DA was a flop.

2. With the exception of Kurt Warner, every single QB that 'zona has called on in the Weisenhunt (I hope I didn't butcher his name too bad. I'm sorry, Ken, if you read this!), era has been a flop.
Leinart doesn't have what it takes - this was proven this week when he took 4 million to hold a clipboard in Houston rather then take more money to fight for a starter job against TJack in Seattle. (I'd like to say that Pete Carroll called this at USC when he said Matt wasn't ready yet and needed one more year of college to succeed in the pro's).
DA was a flash in the pan with one good year. The rest of his time in the league he's been mediocre and, so, never should have been expected to franchise carry.
Hall and Bartel, apparently, aren't good enough to start. Which begs the question - why draft them???? If you aren't willing to play them, then why waste the picks?

3. This years Free Agent QB roster was not impressive. We have McNabb and Hasselbeck winding down thier time in the league and a bunch of jouneymen. And one unproven guy: Kolb. No matter who you get, it's not a franchise guy. It's someone who you hope will help you get into the playoffs and win enough so that Fitz stays. Given it's the NFC West, it's not a high hurdle to get into the playoffs (sorry Rams, Seahawk, and 49er fans, but it's true).

4. Andy Reid has issues as a coach. Mostly in clock managment. Two things he does very well are: develop QBs and know who to cut his own guys loose. Seriously, has he ever missed one?? How many times has he cut a good Eagle, we all say 'ZOMG, what's he thinking' and it turns out he was right???

5. Philly has Vick starting. Vick will get hurt. You can make the case that the Eagles are the only team where you can say the backup will play 3 or 4 games this year. Knowing this, Andy Reid traded Kolb to sign Vince Young. A guy who you can argue has at least a slight chance of a nervous breakdown.

6. No one else went after Kolb. Not Seattle, not the 49ers. Not the Dolphins. No one. Not even as a backup. QBs are the key player on a team (so says the conventional wisdom. I disagree, but that is Blog 2).

7. Every single assement of Kolb seems to have these lines: 'He struggles reading defenses' 'He moves poorly under pressure' and/or 'He lacks the arm strength for deep throws.' Not ringing endorsements.

Given this, you'd think Zona would be in the drivers seat. But, they panic. With better, but not great, options out there (Orton for one), zona rushes to a deal. They give up:

a. DRC, a probowl CB;
b. A second round draft pick, and
c. A 60 million dollar deal with 24 (I think) guaranteed. A better deal then Aaron Rogers got from Green Bay.

Now, if Kolb becomes great this is a steal. But, where is the evidence he will? He never played great for a much better Eagles team then the team he is now on. He never seemed to get better when Andy was coaching him. He couldn't take the starter job from McNabb *or* Vick. How often does a guy get better going to a worse team?

In addition, if 'zona says "No, just a 2" or "No, just DRC", the Eagles have to *fold*. They *had* to move Kolb to clear cap room for Namdi. If Andy plays hardball, then Dallas or the Jets can win that race.

I think that in Feb of 2013 when Vick (and maybe Plex??) are holding a Lombardi trophy up - and, yes, that is my pick, not this season, but next Eagles take it all - and Kolb's being called a bust in the desert as 'zona finishes in dead last and Larry talks about getting out, that this trade will be viewed as a big factor in both.

You can't just buy, you have to buy smart.

Andy Ried was amazing in this deal. He really was. He had nothing. Not even a pair, and he bluffed, and bluffed, and won the pot.

Anyway, that's my take!

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  1. iwatt's Avatar
    Agreed on most points, except on Orton. Fratboy Josh is an amazing QB coach, but we'll see Orton regress without the scheming from mini-hoodie.
  2. SpartaChris's Avatar
    I thought it was Sanchez Carrol said needed one more year of college before going pro, since he only started for USC for one year?
  3. RSConn5's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SpartaChris
    I thought it was Sanchez Carrol said needed one more year of college before going pro, since he only started for USC for one year?
    Yeah it was Sanchez. He had only started for 1 year at USC but after Bradford decided to stay at OU he was going to be the 2nd QB taken after Stafford so he made the business decision. Leinart actually stayed his senior year after winning the Heisman his junior year.

    Although I do agree that Kolb is being overvalued a little bit by the Cardinals, I don't think they made the right decision. They aren't a veteran team that is one quality QB away from winning a SB so going for one of the veterans like McNabb, Orton, or Hasselbeck didn't make much sense. They needed a young QB that they could build around for the future and Kolb was the only QB out on the market that could give them that. The quarterback is the most important position on the field (can't wait to hear why you disagree) and if the Cardinals believe Kolb is a franchise QB then they had to do everything they could to get him.
  4. Amy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SpartaChris
    I thought it was Sanchez Carrol said needed one more year of college before going pro, since he only started for USC for one year?
    Oops. My bad Thanks Sparta!
  5. bluestree's Avatar
    Agreed that they're putting a lot of faith in a kid with two really good performances in his career, but it's one more than Rob Johnson had before he cashed in. This is going to happen with qb's. You gotta have one, and Zona picked a bad year to go to the well. Kolb may work out, but at this point I'd say no better than 50-50. The Derek Anderson situation might be an indicator of the Card's ability to judge qb flesh.
    Likewise, one of my first reactions was, what happens when Vick goes down. Not if, as I've stated many times before, but when.
    Nice work Amy, that was a good read.
  6. iwatt's Avatar
    I liked the VY pick up by Phillie
  7. msclemons's Avatar
    The sad thing for Arizona is that VY is probably a better QB than Kolb. And VY was a free agent at the time of the trade.