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Building a team

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Congratz! You found a few billion dollars, bought an NFL team, and moved it to LA.

I dunno why you'd move it either, but you did.

So, you want a championship run and so, as the owner, you say "Hmm, what do I need to have more then anything to do that."

So, you come here, and do a poll and the answer is: "ZOMG, A QB!!"

But, that's wrong.

Well, not totally wrong. An elite QB is good, though you can win with a lesser one - see, Dilfer, Trent; Johnson, Brad; and Manning, Eli (and, lets not forget the close to wins of Delhomme and Sexy Rexy Grossman!).

What you really want to start with is a GM.

A very good, flexible, GM with a solid front office. The GM needs to be patient, to be able to take a long term view. Any team can make a one year run. What you want, though, is to be competetive for the long haul. To do that, you need the front office.

Your GM has to be willing to stay with a coach for more then a year or two. It takes three years for a system to be put in place, less time with that with a coach, and you wasted those years.

Your GM has to have the trust of the owner. Without that, he may as well not be there. Your GM has to have the skills to create the team under him - the scouts, the support staff, the unseen people that make things work but never get talked about on EPSN. Or here.

Your GM has to think long term. In fact, he shouldn't think about this year much at all - he should think about 1, 5, 10 years down the road.

The front office is the true secret weapon. It loads the team up for the QB, it keeps the team being good year after year - it's the difference between the '99 Titans, or the '02 Raiders and the decade+ long runs of the Steelers, Eagles, Colts, Chargers, Pats, Ravens. The Packers may well be on this list, too, we'll need a couple more seasons to see. Yes, not all of those teams have rings, but they all have been competive for a decade.

So, yes, you want that QB. If you can get him. If you can't, get Ozzie Newsome, Trent Dilfer, and build around a D. Or find another way to win.

And that's my perspective.

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  1. mikesteelnation1's Avatar
    Strong perspective to have! Without a rockstar gm your chances of winning aren't good. All the franchises you listed are spot on, heres a few to bolster your point. Dmitrioff in atl? Pure gold so far.. pioli in Kc? Worst to first. Rita Benson leblanc taking over football operations from her grandfather and hiring loomis who hired Peyton. Pure genius.43 seasons and next to no playoff wins, with decorated paper bags being worn previous to a lombardi. All those teams have won and won a lot.

    On the flip side, look at Cincy, Oakland, and Dallas. Plenty of good players, but all the pieces don't fit the puzzle. All have meddling owners and no gm. One playoff win since the raiders went to the sb almost a decade ago. The bungles only have one or two scouts. The raiders draft for speed and seemingly nothing else. The cowboys have amassed a ton of talent but no cohesiveness. They built a shrine to the star, and jerry is a deft business man, but he truly sucks as a gm. With that money and talent if Dallas had a gm in the mostly soft nfc the past 15 years, till lately, they definitely should have a superbowl appearance. Jerrah is the reason they don't..

    Without a great gm a team is doomed. That's a fact. Losing pioli and dmitrioff hurt the pats. They haven't drafted as well before last year as they did having both those guys. Seems they may have found an equilibrium without them finally, but it affected them initially..
  2. wxwax's Avatar
    I agree completely, Amy. Good call. It all starts with a strong GM. If he's any good (or, maybe someday, if she's any good) everything else will fall in place over time.

    But a good QB or a good coach will struggle to overcome a poor GM.

    Of course, in order to have a good GM you need... a good owner. Just ask Washington Redskins fans.
  3. mikesteelnation1's Avatar
    She has already been good , just not publicized enough. Tom Benson gave control of football operations years ago to his grand daughter Rita Benson-leblanc. She totally turned things around. She hired mickey loomis, who hired peyton, who signed brees as a huge risk, who all of which collectively won a lombardi trophy. Rita spun the stereotype for evermore on not giving into stereotypes and believing them. She inherited a really bad franchise, that won nothing and wore paper bags. She elevated them to royalty in under 5 seasons. That's on par with what Dan rooney did in Pittsburgh when his dad, art gave him the reigns. Supreme respect for what she did... she doesnt get enough credit for what she accomplished.
  4. wxwax's Avatar
    Good call, Mike.