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Well, since kickoff is soon, I want to do my predictions for the season.

We'll start in the NFC:

East: Eagles. I don't trust the Cowboys, Giants are already incredibly beat up on defense, and all I need to say is John Beck/Rex Grossman for Washington.

North: Packers. Easy pick. I think Minnesota will be better then last year, the Bears will be worse, and Detroit will make noise, but fall shy of the playoffs.

South: Falcons. Saints will be good, Bucs too, I think. Panthers might get better.

West: 'Zona!!! Rams I'm just not sold one, and I'm hoping that Kolb and Fitz will have wonderful fantasy days for for with 2 games against Stanford and USC!!!

Wildcards: Saints, Vikings.

NFC Playoffs!


1. Packers
2. Falcons
3. Eagles
4. 'Zona
5. Vikings
6. Saints

Wildcard Round: Philly over the Saints on a frozen January Day in Philly. Vick goes down, but Vince Young wins on a scramble as the game ends, and then gives a profanity laced interview post game where he rips Jeff Fisher.
Arizona over Vikings: Kolb beats McNabb in the 'Ex Philly QB Bowl.'

Divisional Round: Falcons over the Eagles, for the second time in the year.
Packers over Arizona: Really, would anyone expect Arizona to win in Wisconsin in January?

NFC Championship Game: For the second time since 2000, Atlanta wins in Green Bay.


East: Pats. Duh. Would I say anything else.
North: Steelers. *cry* But they are the best team in the North.
South: Colts.
West: Chargers
Wildcards: Ravens, Raiders. (Yes, I know, I can't explain this, but I think the Raiders make the playoffs this year.)


1. Pats
2. Steelers
3. Chargers
4. Colts
5. Ravens
6. Raiders

Wilcard Round:

Raiders over Chargers: Norv, playoffs. Duh.
Colts over Ravens: Manning defense his turf, and hopes to get home for Super Bowl.

Divisional Round:

Pats over Raiders: Tuck Game II!!! Pats win.
Colts over Steelers: In an Epic Shoot out, Peyton just finds a way. On to Foxboro!

AFC Championship Game:

Pats over Colts: With the Colts up 17-0 in front of a Stunned Foxboro crowd, Haynesworth knocks out Manning and Collins on back to back plays! With Curtis Painter under the helm, the Pats rally and win 21-17! Washington fans everywhere cry!


With Peyton looking on is disgust, the Pats - led by Ocho's Super Bowl MVP performance - take the game.

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  1. Colts01's Avatar
    Cruel Amy,making America watch Curtis Painter in a big game!
  2. Amy's Avatar
    Pats - Colts would be an insanely cool AFC Championship game this year, since the Super Bowl is in Indy. The hype would be off the board.
  3. Pruitt's Avatar
    Amy - I would be willing to wager that two of your playoff teams - Raiders and Vikings - don't sniff at .500. In fact, I will go on a limb and predict that the combined wins for the Browns and Lions is greater than it is for the Vikes and Raiders.
  4. Amy's Avatar
    I know the Raiders makes no sense. I just have a feeling. But then, the '99 Rams, the '01 Pats and last years Seahawks made no sense as playoff teams opening day either!
  5. Pruitt's Avatar
    Hell, the Seahwks didn't make sense up until kickoff!
  6. Rodh's Avatar
    Lions, Texans & Cards are going to make some of the teams that are always inked in to the playoffs CRY!