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WLAL notes: week 2 (fun for all)

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I wasn't going to start writing anything for this week's article until Monday, in an effort to make it shorter. But halftime on Sunday Night Football seemed to go on forever and I just had to get started.

Quote of the week.
"I need to go to sleep...[but] I'm down four points with Drew Brees still playing." --Dean
(TJ: "You were gonna sleep during MNF? Are you sick?")

Links of the week.
Zen and the Art of Fantasy Football Maintenance.

NFL observations.
Did you know there are TWO players in the NFL with the last name Gronkowski? Yeah, neither did I. Unfortunately, the one who scored this week was not MY Gronkowski.

The only game I marked as won before it even started this week was SD/JAC. There is no way Jacksonville wins that game across the country, with that team. For that matter, there is no way Jacksonville is any good this year. But for matchups or reasonably hopeful performances in week 1, I would have usually marked the Rams, Bills, Browns, Chiefs and Seahawks in this category. And next week, I probably will. Come to think of it, I probably should have just marked the Bills as a loss this week too. But I didn't even care about that game enough to think of doing it.

I am amused, however, to see Tampa Bay doing well. As the Bucs have always been my "secret favorite team", the one I would never admit to anyone I liked because they sucked so bad for so many years, this 2-0 start is probably about as close as I will ever get to enjoying the Bucs like I did in their Super Bowl year. I still wear my Simeon Rice 97 jersey on occasion, but it is pretty amazing the types of people who know how bad the Buccaneers usually are. The Bucs jersey gets more recognition and notice than the jerseys I have for players and teams people like--Cardinals, Randy Moss, Steve McNair, etc.

This year, though, I don't think the Bucs are for real. It is still nice to see them rebuilding productively, though. I hope the Cardinals can follow suit, as I am starting to think this year is a throwaway.

The only thing keeping me from giving up on the Cards already is that it kind of looks like the playoff representative for the nfcW will be 6-10 or so, and I do think the Cardinals are capable of at least that.

Or is it too early to give up on the Cards?

Best WLAL abbreviation matchup.
Hot / Pig would normally win going away, but the team formerly known as Pigskin Punk simply hasn't changed its abbreviation to conform to its new name, Zap Rowsdower. I'm thinking Hot / Zap would be a good candidate in this category, but it doesn't exist in the current space-time continuum. Which leaves Void / Balls as the best nickname competition this week--and really all one needs is a good Void / Balls every now and then.

WLAL game observations and "analysis".
Zap fought Hot close and hard all Sunday. Two players remained for each after Sunday's games, both teams already over 100 points. Zap's Bush + Hartley (K, NO) vs Saints DST + Gore for Hot Skata. Zap with a 3-point advantage going into Monday night. In the end both teams scored more points than any other team in the league, with Frank Gore and the Saints D propelling Hot Skata to their second, league-leading, win.

In fact, the only 1-0 teams NOT to win this week were Zap and Cheese. Four teams at 2-0 means there are also four already who are 2 games behind the leaders. At least I'm TIED for last. Which is small consolation.

League notes.
Don't forget Pick 'Em (again, in many cases).

Worst player of the week.
Felix Jones, 1 point.
Ricky Williams, 1 point.
Hines Ward, 0 points.
among other worthless NFL'ers

Least valuable player of the week.
Jason Snelling, 35 points on the bench for Coy Bacon.

Rare moment of the week.
Let's go with 7 turnovers in the first half in San Diego.

Bonus quote of the week.
"In the last six years, [Jeff] Saturday (IND) has allowed only five sacks. He has been called for holding only eight times in eleven years." --PFT

"Jerome [Bettis] is just big. He was hard to wrap up, and once you did, you had to have leverage. He was like a beefed up SmartCar." --Takeo Spikes

"I'd love to," Carson Palmer texted back when Geoff Hobson of asked if he'd like to pass to [Terrell] Owens this season. "His past doesn't bother me at all. If any qb can deal with extravagant WRs, it's me."

Bill Belichick's response to a question from reporters regarding Brady's recent detour into boxing. Asked which boxer's style Brady would resemble, Belichick said, "Somebody that got knocked out."

Disclaimers are for pansies. Walk the walk. Talk the talk. Wait for the shoe that fits the other foot to drop and walk a mile in it. Be everything. Do stuff. Get over it.

Have a great week.

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  1. Bengals1181's Avatar
    actually, there are three gronkowski's in the NFL. All brothers if I'm not mistaken. At least two are.