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Journal of a Mad NFL Fan Week Four

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Another Wild NFL Week. I Love how there is intrigue in each game and there is a true test with the players no matter what the score nor the record. Last year's League Laughing stock Niners are making a case for being one of the best teams in the League. Other teams like the Bills have landed back down to earth but remember a cliche "You play one game at a time"! Week Four delivered but that's the bad news! It's already NFL Week Four in the books! Enjoy it while it lasts-------- [Source of Information:]

-The Lions are taking it on! I think they are rollin' with that chemistry; I can feel that they are gelled together and ready to take on the world. It starts at top. Jim Schwartz is gettin' them to believe in each other and play the whole game. It was close on the road against the Cowboys, who squandered away a lead at the half of about 20 points [Thanks to Bob Costas and Russell Baxter for their notes] but despite the staggering performance of the Cowboys [Red Fox staggering that is] the Lions are real to me. I said in the preseason that they were the team to overcome this year. Good for them and Nice Work. The Cowboys continue to be on a roller coaster that echoes the entire week following a win or a loss. They are 2-2 but it is hard to tell by the looks of the team. They need a gut check and have to challenge each other to be better. They have to take themselves more seriously and finish out games with true 60 minutes! It's time to wake up and stopping feeling like there's no sense of urgency. Before you know it, it will be Thanksgiving Day & their game will be dreaded like last year. They need this bye week in Week 5 to focus better; We'll see.

-This Niners-Eagles game was another ugly. Credit Vick though for throwing for over 400 yards. I can see that he is becoming a better passer. We get that. But his O-Line needs help. This team is being lead by a Man who knows how to win! Andy has to take better initiative. I understand from I recall NFL RedZone that there were no more timeouts at the end of the game. I also recall getting heated that the Eagles clock management was not better and how that was coming from a veteran coach. There needs to be a sense of urgency for this team like their NFC East comrads, the Cowboys. The Niners got it done. As Al Michaels pointed out on SNF, the Niners came way from behind to beat the Eagles. I sense that some teams get wrapped up in early leads and feel too confident that they can win the game but yet can't finish it. You can't win them all but playing at home and with the notable talent that is with a team is not acceptable. The Niners are doing work to win; I sense a true team work mentality and they are just rollin' with it. It's still early but I like what they are doin. Sometimes it takes a college coach to shake things up. They've already lost and at home this season, we'll how they can handle success.

-The Saints always have a Good game from Brees. We know that. Blah, Blah, Blah [in a good way especially for Fantasy Football owners!] Good to see Marques Colston back after that Opening Kickoff injury he suffered. He and Lance Moore are going to be keys for helping Brees to keep it up. I've liked the smaller sized WRs like Welker in NE & S. Smith in CAR. They help to make the world go round. They won at the Jags who are on life support. They are a team with a dead coach walking. Night & Day of the Living Zombies. You get it. I give credit to Del Rio for keeping at one QB this week and for having it be the Rookie. If you have to go to a different QB before the mid-point of the season, why not make it the rookie? I don't like the switch a-ros but I guess anything goes. I feel so bad for Jaguars fans but I get this gut feeling that Gabbert will be good with the right coaching around him and he keeps growing as a leader. He's the future who is taking his lumps, including going 16/42. Hold On Jaggie Nation.

-Well, that BUF Nation loud and proud cry is a little quieter but still there's hope for this team. The Bills are making their way to a respectable season but are going to show us reasons why they are still orbiting around earth. I've always thought the Bills were going to be humbled; I'm surprised they made it this far in the season so far with this record. They will show good but these games remind us that they will be brought into reality. The Bengals have a rookie QB and a coach that I feel will be out at the end of the year if they miss the playoffs. They are in an awkward situation but nonetheless the team has dignity. I think they are finding themselves and creating an identity with Dalton, Gresham and crew. It took no Ocho & T.O. for it to happen and since Carson successfully refused to come back to the team, I think there are situations [awkward] that you have to deal with and make it work. This is a good win for them and should carry them onto the next one; Which is the Jags!

-Oh how the mighty have fallen! Don't blame the time zone change on the Steelers' loss. It was just one time zone. Don't blame it on winning on the road. They did it last week at the Colts. They had Antonio Brown involved and were able to make something happen by evidence of having a close score of losing by just a touchdown and PAT. However, they are not scarring anyone and are losing bad IMO. I think they are better than this with their talent but is it the Super Bowl hangover? Is it the fact that they too old? Is it that they feel entitled? This team has Real Men on the team and have enough leadership to make something better than this happen. But we're not getting anything happening as the Seahawks win was not convincing and the Colts was a slow heart beat too. Not Good. I feel better about my 8-8 prediction but I sense there will be some gutted out games with poor results and won't be surprised on a 7-9 year. The Texans are gonna be hurtin' if Andre Johnson is out for long! When you couldn't say anything nice about this team------And then there's Andre! Here's hopin' he comes back soon. Good to see Foster come back into the game. He's gonna ball well for them as We all know to be successful, you must have a good running game. Arian got a TD and is another bright spot after Andre Johnson.

-OH!!!! MAN!!!! I feel bad that the Vikings are gettin' this record. But they earn it. I still respect McNabb like he's my brother. I do, I really do. I feel like McNabb is my NFL brotha from another motha. But This is a bad team! Adrian Petersen is actually quiet and one has to wonder when will Christian Ponder start! McNabb got an endorsement from Les Frazier, per Peter King on "Football Night In America", on starting next week. It's going to be much, much harder for this team to make a case not to go to Christian Ponder. It won't be boring in those press conferences. That's for certain. The Chiefs. I'm happy that fans of BBQ Land got their first win but it didn't show me anything. The Dwayne Bowe sighting for a TD was Good and I think that they are going to have better games this season. But if aren't careful and this team does not play better, they will wind up having a new head coach in 2012. I'm not tryin' to get folks fired but it's how the business is ran, it's Life In The League. This team has to win against better teams and at least be an impressive 8-8 or else Haley's time is done. It's not pretty but it's also the truth.


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  1. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar

    -This is gonna be extreme should we start calling Matt Hasselbeck "Matty Ice"? I got this feeling that despite CJ's slow start that he's helping this team to quietly be relevant as a competitive team. They won on the road in hostile environment as the Dawg Pound brings it every home game, every year. I think they are going to be a good team that will shock people! It's easy to say now, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Titans wound up with a better record that the Steelers. The Steelers have been together longer and have better talent but some teams like the Titans and Niners have had better chemistry. It's all a part of the paradox called the NFL. Somethings are going to be captain obvious like the Lions' roll so far and others will mystify us like the Eagles being 1-3. The Browns are still a team that is young and finding it's way. I like hearing Browns fans stay upbeat on McCoy despite a loss. He comes across to me as a Football Guy. That is what this team needs. The AFC North is all about blue collar cities and their fan's want to see Men come in who are going to contribute and become a key player by getting better and being a smart player. Colt has IMO. He's going to be this team's future and I like what he brings. Maybe it's his size. Maybe it's his face. Maybe it's his college history, I don't know. But for some reason people don't buy that he's a going to be good player and will be effective for the Browns. Props to him for throwing for over 300 yards and let's hope that team chemistry and continuity can gel better around him.

    -I love how this game didn't care about the time zone! The Falcons went into the Seahawks' nest and took a win away from them. I like how they did that. Mind you, it was against the Seahawks who are assembling decent play during the year but are still a subpar team. Sometimes however, you can get your tail end handed to you when you go about three different times zone away and play. I like how ATL has made Tony Gonzalez like the Ray Lewis of their offense. Tony is playing years younger than he is and is still effective and like Ray Lewis, he maybe in his final year in the NFL. We never know but it's good to see both ball. Only thing, Ray has a Ring. Sad to see Tony still hasn't found what he's lookin' for like U2 told us around that Joshua Tree. The Seahawks lost that one but are gettin' good mileage out of Tavaris Jackson. People dumped on him in MIN & still do now. Please check his stats. With good coaching and the right players with him with that good ole chemistry, this team is going to be good. They showed flashes against the World Champs in the Wild Card last year and can ride that this year [believe it or not] but I think he's a guy who can produce. I had that feeling when he was in MIN. Over 300 yards passing with 3 TDs versus a playoff caliber team is the truth.

    -Twice in two weeks! The Giants went into someone else's house and stole the show. They did it against my Eagles in their nest and then went onto ARI. Although, the holes to poke through here is that the Cardinals are a team that are not contenders. They lack certain continuity. However shout-out to Larry Fitz for always playing at a high level and to Beanie Wells for gettin' some with 3 TDs. Love that he balled out after having injury issues and being proclaimed by Whisenhunt to have the job. Nice work there. NYG, I get the sense that they will be similar to their 2007 season where they will fool us with their losses but will rally to have a decent ending to their season and make the playoffs. We can't trust the NFC East right now, so why not? They are going to have their latter sting guys play and they have to make it happen. My stomach was sour seeing Victor Cruz do it against my Eagles but hey, that's life. I think there will be sometimes that the Giants look like geniuses and other times that they are going to be orbited to earth. What else is the 2011 NFC East?

    -I Love my Raiders. But I gotta admit; I loved watching Wes Welker ball. I noticed how he was goin' out there & doin' work and his size is never an issue. Folks like him, Steve Smith and Lance Moore just ball out and there's no stopping them. Welker had 158 yards on the day and one touchdown. Good Stuff. Tom is always gonna be there [hair cut and all] but I think there is something to be said about the smaller guys doin' work. I love that. Now, about my Raiders. They are still a Good team. I like how they have hoodspa. I think they are going to be able to have come away with convincing wins and show what they are made of. I like how Campbell threw for over 300 yards! Woo Doggie. Belichick is gonna/already has rip his team for that. Lettin' Campbell do that is a no-no and never acceptable. The Raiders will have their losses like usual but not the usual. They are a different team and they are going to give us good looks, like Colt McCoy with the Browns.

    -Miami just isn't playing sound football. I'm not convinced that Reggie Bush is being used properly. I think they need to keep him involved in order to be more competitive. They have issues with their QB situation. They gotta go next man up and keep heads up too. This team can be marginal and succeed with about a 7-9 season and still save Sparano. Let's Watch------- The Chargers are always going to have "Booooooorring" stat lines that tell us how Good Philip Rivers is. He threw for over 300 yards. He can do it like his SD predecessor Drew Brees. We know that and this is obvious. However, I think that the win is not convincing because it was at home against a Dead On Arrival Dolphins team that just can't keep it together. It's a bad time for MIA but when they are trying to figure out what to do, that can be a golden spot for SD. This time of year is not the time to see what they are going to do. That is best watched at the end of the year when it's playoff time and in the playoffs. Then we can say Let's Watch----------.

    -Wow. The Packers went off on DEN! I just recalled when Brett Favre threw to Greg Jennings on MNF to open OT back in 2008. An incredible ending that was. Rodgers had over 400 yards passing. Threw 4 TDs and he ran in for two of them. He was 29/38. Just. Amazing. It was his best game in his career. Mad Shout-Out to Donald Driver for coming back after leaving due to a knee injury and catching a TD in the 4th quarter. This team's hoodspa should be canned and sold to the Dolphins. Nice work they have with team chemistry and continuity. The Broncos went into hostile territory. The Packers Nation are a Pack of bonded fans who make a difference as the 12th Man. I think they will be humbled this year to say the least but when will Tebow play? Too early? I think he will come in to close out a game and by Week 10 he will be the starter with this team having a losing record. The jokes have rained on Tebow's shoulders but so has the call for him to start. I think he & Christian Ponder, as pointed out on Monday, are in the same boat. I feel like each team is in that arena of starting the young gun. However, time is on the side of the head coaches who are in their first full year as head coach of the team and could be stubborn with the older blood at QB. Again, Let's Watch---------.

  2. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar

    -Wow was this game crazy. I remember thinking that when the tweets went up from players in the second half, that it was a way to keep the audience. Never say no to a Twitter reference. Fred Gaudelli was high on Torrey Smith on Twitter and said that he was the real deal. Good observation there. He seems like a guy who will be very good for BAL. I liked that the Ravens won as it was a way to solidify their case for being truly competitive. They remind of the New York Giants a bit but without the massive collapses. I think they are going to be alright with Flacco but winning it all will take a really special season. The Jets are also like the Giants too but I think they are motivated by Rex Ryan. Sanchez and Flacco play similar at times but help their team to win also. They are both young guns who are a part of the One Team, One Dream that shows in certain games. I think there will be good Jets wins that show that this team is legit but the SNF showing was a bad breakdown. They can win on the road; we know that. The Ravens have won about seven or eight straight [Thanks Al Michaels and Russell Baxter for the info.] against the Jets. This is a fun game and not just because of the personnel changes. I did have more respect for Bart Scott after hearing how underappreciated he was in college and early n the NFL and how he still uses that as motivation to this day. Ray Rice has survived humbling and sad family events in his life. He's such a down to earth and well structured guy who Thanks his mother and proudly has a tattoo in her honor., via "Football Night In America". As far as football goes, both teams won't always impress you but when they're on, they're on. I don't count either team out in post season play. Welcome to the NFL!

    -The Colts are putting together some decent showing despite their record. They are not completing games and Peyton's booth shots are a punch in the ribs. The team scores points like they did on MNF with Pierre Garcon and like they do with Addai but they still aren't winning. Reggie Wayne gets in this thang and balls too but it's still not enough. That's where Peyton Manning usually comes in at. Eric Foster being injured as a true shame. I didn't see it live and I saw only one angle when I rewound it on my DVR and tweeted aloud that I hoped that he would be fine in no time. Despite my lack of knowledge, I was glad to see the tweet from Colts owner Jim Irsay that Eric was in good spirits at the hospital and will be home in Days. Hopefully this team can keep their momentum of scoring going so that they can finally get over the hump and win. Remember, they lost by a score to the Steelers and the Bucs; it's a matter of time. But those win streaks of about 7 or so games seems like a world away, doesn't it? In the year that is the 40th anniversary of "All In The Family", I say "Those were the days!". The Bucs are playing good football. They were playing against a Colts team that is not completing games and not impressing anyone despite their good efforts and decent play from Painter. However, they still show us Good Stuff. Like the fact that LaGarrette Blount can Ball and Josh Freeman is the Man. I like his game play and what he represents with the team. He's a Football guy. Like Matt Stafford, Colt McCoy with him, he comes into a city that is trying to get back to glory days and it's gonna take a Man who Loves Football and wants to be there at unearthly hours. Josh is the right Man for the job. Raheem Morris is gonna keep Bucs fans antsy and on the edge of their seat but I expect will guide them to their first playoff appearance in some time. I don't count them out. Chemistry is key and constant leadership from Freeman is king. This team believes.

    Week Five Already? On to the Next One.
  3. iwatt's Avatar
    Bucs showed youth at coach and players with all the penalties yesterday, but there is one certainty, and that is that Josh Freeman is awesome.