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Why the front office matters

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Two weeks before the season started, the Colts signed the retired Kerry Collins for 4 million after learning that Peyton Manning would miss at least three months of the season. This move was not popular in the Colt locker room, where even the rarely headling making Reggie Wayne called out his teams front office for the move.

Five days before the season started, South Jacksonville High released David Garrard and his 8 million dollar salary. The reasons given to CBS, who shared them during the Jets game vs SJack High were a) money and b) 'David was the third best QB on our roster' according to Jack Del Rio.

At the time, the Jags were 36 million dollars under the cap and the other quarterbacks on thier roster have since shown why you don't cut starting quarterbacks based on preseason games.

At the time Garrard was released, the Colts could have cut Collins, signed Garrard, and not been on the hook for Kerry's salary since the season had not yet started. They didn't.

Two week ago Kerry Collins was given a career ending (if he is smart!) concussion, ushering Curtis Painter into the starting job for the Colts. To be fair, Painter was played well, and I think Reggie Wayne was right. I think that if the Colts had stuck with him, given him the reps that went to Kerry, you can makes a case that they might have won one (or more) of the losses vs the Browns, Steelers, or Bucs.

One week ago, realizing one QB on the roster was bad, and with Kerry out for who knows how long, the Colts needed a backup and went out to sign the immortal Dan Orlovsky! When asked why they didn't go after Garrard, Bob Irsay in his broken pigdin English on Twitter said that Garrard would cost too much. That soothed the Colts fans. Maybe Garrard did want too much.

But San Diego took that rug away. The Chargers knocked the 'phins Chad Henne out for the year, and this week, in thier bye week, Miami has been talking to any QB with a pulse.

After being *turned down* by people like Jake Delhomme, the Dolphins settled for Sage Rosenfels. But, they did talk to Garrard, and we found out his price for this season:

Miami offered 50k per game remaining - 600k for the season, with nothing guaranteed
Garrard wanted 100k per game remaining - 1.2 mil for the season, with some guaranteed. Not unreasonable desires.

So, the Colts might end up with a terrible season from cheapness. Surely the money spent on Orlovsky and Collins would have lured Garrard to Indy. He'd be a better option there, for a season, then anyone on the roster this year at that position. And when your staduim hosts the Super Bowl, shouldn't you make the best moves you can to try and be there?

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  1. wxwax's Avatar
    If the Miami Dolphins, who need a QB like a whale needs water, think David Garrard sucks and would rather have Sage Rosenfels, I'm thinking it's hard to second guess the Indianapolis front office.
  2. Amy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wxwax
    If the Miami Dolphins, who need a QB like a whale needs water, think David Garrard sucks and would rather have Sage Rosenfels, I'm thinking it's hard to second guess the Indianapolis front office.
    They didn't think he sucked. They wanted to underpay him. They offered a deal, they just were trying to be cheap and he said no. He was actually their first choice, then they asked Delhomme, who also said no. I think Rosenfels was something like choice #4 or 5 for Miami.

    Really, Garrard's price is not at all bad for someone with his career stats, either.
  3. mikesteelnation1's Avatar
    All I can say is they better win the "suck for luck" sweepstakes this year, or this team is going to be bad for quite a long time. They gagged away a big lead to a bad team today.

    Personnel decisions mean everything. I'll use my teams effort today as perfect reasoning. We kept guys that weren't up to par out of sentiment, and cut guys who were better than average based on part that, and cap hit. No one in Pittsburgh thinks after today keeping Aaron smith, although I love him, was a better move than cutting max starks. Starks came in on 3 practices in the last 11 months and played better than any o tackle on our team. He's no all pro, but he's way better than we had. On the converse side, smith was hurt, so hood got to shift to his natural side and play the slot he was so effective at last year filling in for smith, and the big snack sat out and the d line held its own and shut down the cutbacks. Quite a few for no gain or losses. Colbert and co. Misjudged it .. it rarely happens, but it happened. The d was finally good today. With 2 "back ups" on the d line, and missing our all pro olb. Clearly Pittsburghs d flows thru the d line and polamalu. Wasn't trying to turn this to a steelers post, just using what I know for fact to back up your point...
  4. Pruitt's Avatar
    To offer a veteran NFL player $50k per game to start is more than unrealistic - it is insulting. DelHomme has earned so much money under his last contract that even if he could still play, there's no conceivable reason why he would do so for that kind of cash.