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Scoring, week 6

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Scoring, week 6

In this weeks Edition, let us look at the top 10, bottom 5 scoring teams, and study how they are achieving this.

1) Green Bay: They are the number 1 scoring team by a margin of 1.5 pts above their competition. They have the second ranked scoring offense and the 6th ranked special teams. It’s not like Mason Crosby is been forced to kick from very far either (only one 50+ yarder, and the other 9 are all under 40 yards.).
2) Buffalo Bills: The third ranked scoring offense is also aided by the second ranked scoring defense.
3) New England: Rank first in offense, but only 21st in defense and 12th on Special Teams. Not exactly the definition of balanced.
4) Detroit: 6th on Offense, 6th on defense and 7th on special teams. A well balanced machine clicking on all areas.
5) Baltimore: An average scoring offense (13th) is helped by an amazingly good defense (4.8 pts per game) and the second scoring special teams. All the investment in offense, and the unit is still not clicking.
6) Saints: 5th on Special teams and offense, but only 21st on Defense, which used to be a strength of their 09 team.
7) San Fran: the number 1 ranked Special Teams, in scoring, are also accompanied by top 10 efforts in offense and Defense.
8) Oakland: Running and Kicking.
9) Giants: Eli quietly has the 4th ranked scoring offense in the league.
10) Chicago: In a shocking development, the Bears are a top 10 ranked scoring team. Their #3 defense and Special Teams more than cover up for a terrible offense (#25th).

28) Indianapolis: The always atrocious Special Teams hook up with a bad Defense to grant the Colts this uncommon standing.
29) Kansas City: 29th Offense and 29th Special teams won’t help you win too many games.
30) Miami: we all saw MNF.
31) South Jacksonville High: 1 TD and 2 FG per game. That’s it.
32) St Louis: The above numbers are 23% better than the crap that Hoodie Jr. and the 2010 Fraud of The Year are putting up in St Louis.

Complete list h

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