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Week 8 Strength of Schedule

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The Schedule!

Strange Days are Coming

New York Giants: They are 5-2, but did it against a robust combined opponent record of 31%. Ahead lies a road almost twice as hard (61%). I’m not sure they’ll be able to hold on.

Packers: 7-0, but their past schedule was against a combined 45% record. It get’s a lot tougher (61%). Maybe that means they’ll actually look like they are in a competitive game.

Chargers: San Diego’s quick start has more to do with playing bad teams rather than anything else. 43% the first 7 games, facing now a 61% the last 9 games. Doesn’t look good for the Norvinator.

Steelers: Just like th Packers, the top team in the AFC has faced an easier schedule than what is coming up. I’m not sure it’s going to matter much in their case either.

No waves:

Bills: All is good in the land of the tasty game snacks. 5-2 against a combined record of 64% bodes well for the following 9, where the remaining schedule is against records totaling 43%.

49ers: Most of the games they have left are against the rest of the NFC West. This bodes well for gaining the #1 or #2 seed.

Other teams with favorable schedules are the Falcons and the Patriots.

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  1. darvon's Avatar

    Lions fighting Falcons for WC.
  2. iwatt's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by darvon

    Lions fighting Falcons for WC.
    The Falcons are looking good right now, but I just don't like what I'm seeing with them. The Lions loss to them might cost them the seeding because of the tiebreaker. It's also possible the Bears tie the Falcons or Bucs with the same number of wins, allowing the NFC North to send 3 teams (those tiebreakers are huge in favor of Chicago).

    The Lions need to clean up their mistakes. They have the best defense, by ANYA, in the NFL. They rank 5th in offensive ANYA. A good differential in the passing wars means you are always in it.

    In case you are wondering, the Lions schedule doesn't get much harder ( 56% before, 62% after)