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The KMF Power Poll - Week 2 (When Backup QBs Attack!) Pt. 2

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11) Atlanta Falcons – Looked much more like the team I thought they were against Arizona, after a decent showing against the Steelers the previous week. Unfortunately, I still can’t move them up too far because all they did was beat Arizona, something that most teams will be doing this year. Their upcoming game against New Orleans has game of the week potential, and even with a loss they could move into the Top 10.

10) Miami Dolphins – Opened a lot of eyes with their victory over Minnesota, and are currently in sole possession of first place in the AFC East. A win against a Revis-less Jets team next could go a long way to determining which teams from this division get into the Playoffs. Oh, and don’t look now but the Dolphins are 5th in yards allowed and tied for 1st in the league in points allowed. The acquisition of Mike Nolan as defensive coordinator was just as much of an improvement as adding Brandon Marshall.

9) New York Jets – Made Tom Brady look like Mark Sanchez and made Mark Sanchez look like an actual NFL quarterback. I’m still trying to figure out how this offense put up 28 points, and how they’re fooling people into thinking LaDainian Tomlinson is still a good RB. I think maybe they just switched Shonn Greene and put him in Tomlinson’s jersey. Next week against the Dolphins means just as much to this team, as it puts them right back into contention for the division title.

8) Pittsburgh Steelers – It’s Chaz Batch time!! The thought of getting to bet against Batch for two weeks would normally excite me beyond belief, but this defense did everything short of beating the Titans up with a 2x4. I just have to keep reminding myself that Rashard Mendenhall has been disappointing so far, and Chaz Batch is still Chaz Batch. If Tampa can score TD on offense and a lucky break on special teams… let’s just move on while I’m still in denial. That way everybody wins.

7) Cincinnati Bengals – The offense is still getting in rhythm, with three of the four main pass catchers on this team being new to the offense (Owens, Gresham, and Shipley). The defense looked much improved against the Ravens, but still has to prove that it can do so on a consistent basis. A game against Carolina should help things there, as should subsequent games against Cleveland and perhaps Tampa. They’re going to need it too, after the bye week they have a brutal four game stretch against Atlanta, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis. Then five of their last six come against the Jets, Saints, Chargers, and rematches with the Steelers and Ravens. They will need to perform at 100% every week with a schedule like that.

6) Baltimore Ravens – Struggled with the decision to put them ahead of Cincinnati for the sole reason that the play calling in that game was absolutely atrocious. There is no excuse for Ray Rice to not have 20+ carries a game and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron should’ve realized the offensive line was not having a good day in pass protection, meaning Ray Rice should’ve been fed the ball much more. A game against the Browns coming up should give them time to fix the errors, and hopefully this team will get back on track.

5) New England Patriots – I still like this team a lot more than I like the Jets, because I ‘m not convinced the Jets can get production like that from their offense every week. Meanwhile, we all know Tom Brady will not play like that every week, and the offense will light up the scoreboard week in and week out. They’ll be playing with a chip on their shoulder this week, and sadly that means the Bills will get whipped even worse than they would have anyway.

4) Indianapolis Colts – Did we honestly think Peyton Manning would let the Colts lose two games in a row? Let alone a game on primetime TV? It was a wave of mutilation on the Giants and now the Broncos must face the wrath of Peyton. The question still is though, are they the best team in their own division?

3) Houston Texans – And as of right now, the answer is no. The Texans showed a great resolve to comeback against Washington, and Matt Schaub had a career day leading the team. Andre Johnson is an undisputed man, and Arian Foster leads the NFL in rushing yards. Hey remember when everyone was ripping the Texans apart for drafting Mario Williams over Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart? Good times eh?

2) Green Bay Packers – They did what all great teams must do to establish themselves as real contenders – absolutely break the Buffalo Bills in half. Clay Matthews is continuing to go insane on offensive tackles everywhere, I just hope that he doesn’t get over-trained athlete syndrome from all of this.

1) New Orleans Saints – Still the champs until proven otherwise. San Francisco gave them a game, but Drew Brees carried the team downfield to allow Garrett Hartley to kick the game winning field goal as time expired. Losing Reggie Bush is a sizable blow, but this team is equipped to move on without him while he is absent. Will the next in line, please step forward? The Atlanta Falcons march into New Orleans this week, looking to topple the champions. We’ll see if they can cause a new team to take the throne.

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Updated 09-23-2010 at 11:51 PM by KabaModernFan

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  1. Bengals1181's Avatar
    Ravens over Bengals? Homer.
  2. KabaModernFan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181
    Ravens over Bengals? Homer. weren't supposed to notice.
  3. Amy's Avatar
    I'd have to say that I'd move Green Bay and Houston each up one, and drop the Saints to three. I'd swap Miami and the Jets, too, I think.
  4. StarvinMarvin's Avatar
    Nice job Kaba... even with the obvious typo at the 6 & 7 spots .
  5. iwatt's Avatar
    We need a week 5 power poll