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Week 10 Efficiency

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So, past the halfway mark, let us look once again at the efficiencies of the units as per previously defined

The spreadsheet is here,

And the Efficiency of a unit is measured as Points Scored per play. Remember that this doesn't take into account the points scored by special teams _(FGs, returns or extra points), nor the scoring ability of the defense (TAINTs and fumble returns).

We'll follow the FP standard of Top 10, bottom 5 for each unit.


1 Green Bay Packers
2 New England Patriots
3 New Orleans Saints
4 New York Giants
5 Buffalo Bills
6 Houston Texans
7 Detroit Lions
8 Oakland Raiders
9 San Francisco 49ers
10 Atlanta Falcons

The list reads like a who's who of potential playoff teams. Noticeably, the Falcons have risen from #16 in week 4 to top 10 in week 4. As they've gone back to establishing the run, they've returned to their smart football ways.

The Steelers have risen from an atrocious #29 to a number 18 on offense, as they've slowly recovered from their rough start. The Ravens instead have dropped from #13 to #23 in the same timespan. Que the Joe Flacco defense. Or the Cam Cameron attacks.

And before I get Bengaldom on my back, they have improved from #26 to #20 during the same period.

If you want to know how good the Packers are, realize that they score 75% more points per play than the league average. The Patriots in comparison score 41% more points than league average. More fuel for the MVP train leaving from Boston to Wisconsin.

28 Washington Redskins
29 Indianapolis Colts
30 Cleveland Browns
31 Jacksonville Jaguars
32 St. Louis Rams

In a stunning turn of events, the Colts aren't the least effective scoring team. That honor lies on the shoulders of the overhyped 2010 rookie of the year. And poor Cleveland keeps falling in efficiency ever since the Madden curse took over.


1 Baltimore Ravens
2 Detroit Lions
3 San Francisco 49ers
4 Seattle Seahawks
5 Cleveland Browns
5 Washington Redskins
7 Miami Dolphins
8 Tennessee Titans
9 Houston Texans
10 Cincinnati Bengals

Detroit is surprisingly stout on defense, even after the shellacking they took on Sunday. Obviosuly Suh & Co. can't avoid TAINTs and Special Team returns, but they have proven to be a remarkably tough unit to score TDs on.

The presence of the Seahawks, Browns, Redksins and Dolphins point towards the fact that stout defenses aren't enough to compensate for atrocious offenses.

28 Buffalo Bills
29 Kansas City Chiefs
30 Philadelphia Eagles
31 Indianapolis Colts
32 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Colts are the only team to be on the bottom 5 on both sides of the ball, making it clear that the blame lies on the whole team and not on Curtis TAINTer.

The Eagles presence on the bottom of this list explains what has happened. But is the defense really bottom 5, or are the constant short fields Vick's interceptions are leaving opposing teams the real cause?

The same phenomenom might be causing Tampa's awful standing as well.

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  1. msclemons's Avatar
    Nice work iwatt. I'm pleasantly surprised to see the 49ers and Lions as the only teams on both top 10 lists.

    It would be interesting to see a comparison of Points-per-Play to the CHHF method of Yards-per-Point. And by interesting I mean I want you to do more work.