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Back on September 3rd, I blogged with my predictions for the playoffs. Let's see how I did!

Here were my predictions for the NFC in order of playoff seeding:

1. Packers
2. Falcons
3. Eagles
4. 'Zona
5. Vikings
6. Saints

I was right with three picks, though I messed up who would win the division of the Saints and Falcons. I missed with the Eagles (who like everyone, I thought would be better), the Vikings (Ok, I thought Donovan had something left. I was badly wrong), and the Cards (I thought it would take Harbaugh more time to get Frisco fixed and while I was never sold on Kolb as a QB, I at least thought he would be, you know, average.)

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how I did in the NFC. I missed two cause of QB play, and no one thought Philly would go 8-8.

Now, onto the AFC!

1. Pats
2. Steelers
3. Chargers
4. Colts
5. Ravens
6. Raiders

Again, 3 of 6. Again, got the #1 seed right and mixed up the 2 and 5. As for the three misses: *cry* about the Colts, as a Manning-less year just feels wrong. Get better, Peyton! I was sooo close on the Raiders, they could have made it. And, Denver was a shock.

So, overall 50 percent. And really close on another. Not awesome, but good.

Now, onto the Wildcard round.

Texans vs Bengals: I'm taking Cincy. For two reasons. One, Houston is 1 play away from Jake Delhomme as a playoff QB. Two, I was a 1 vs 6 matchup in the Divisional Round, so that the Steelers and Ravens can kick the crud out of each other before coming to Foxboro. Of course that means that for...

Denver vs Pitt: I'm taking Pitt. I just don't see a way that Denver beats the Steelers. I'd cackle happily if they did, but I think Denver needs another year or so before they can take a good team in the playoffs.

Saints vs Lions: Saints. They're hard to beat at home, and they're at home. I'm with the crowd that thinks it'll be a shootout.

Falcons vs Giants: Atlanta. I don't see the G-men winning three times in a row. If they do, though, they get three straight vs Ryan! (Rex, Rob, and Matt. Poor Matt, he needs a new last name).

Back next week for the Divisional Round!

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  1. wxwax's Avatar
    Don't ever say 'Frisco to someone from 'Frisco, they'll hate you for it.

    G-men scare me because it feels like that defense is getting healthy. And before all the injuries, that was one seriously bad-ass D.
  2. iwatt's Avatar
    As someone rooting for the Pats in the AFC, I also hope the Bengals win. But I'm not ready to count out the Texans.

    I'm not ready to count out the Giants, though if somebody can play mistake free football it's the Falcons. I don't like the Falcons, but I would like Tony G to get his first playoff win.

    Steelers should win. But freaky things happen in Mile High. And if I know a little about you Amy, you would love for the Tebows to beat Ben
  3. Amy's Avatar
    re: Iwatt: I only want Denver to win if the Texans do. I think the Pats will win the first game in Foxboro, but the AFC Championship game's a better matchup if Pitt and Baltimore have already smashed each other. They always come out of those games drained.

    I'm also not counting out anyone - this year, more then any other, I think you can make a case for any of the 12 teams winning it all. It should be a very very fun playoffs.

    Of the first four games, the only one I'd call a lock is Steelers/Denver. I think even gimpy, my least fave QB ever will have his way with the Denver D, and I think the Pitt D will shut down the Broncos. So, now that I've said that, watch Tebow throw for 500 and 6 TDs and you all laugh at me
  4. iwatt's Avatar
    That's the difference between us. I have no problem rooting for an event that would give me a dis favorable matchup if the team I dislike the most get's jobbed
  5. msclemons's Avatar
    I never noticed the Giants 3-0 versus Ryans angle. That's awesome.