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Journal Of A Mad NFL Fan Wildcard Weekend

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HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! We got us a Playoff Party! I know not for everyone but it was competitive and fun to watch. There's things like "The First Time Rookie QBs have faced each other in the Playoffs" and "The First Time the team has made the Playoffs in Team History/In A Long Time". Fascinating storylines everywhere you look & you gotta love it whether your team wins or not. This is where the NFL has some of its finest moments. We'll take a peek-see inside the Weekend that was the NFL Wildcard Weekend. Shout-Out to & [& YouTube] for the news & updates. For NFL talk, NFL Player & Reporter Retweets, Updates passed along & other Funness as only I can bring, follow me on Twitter at; That's @BuckeyeRidley. Here Goes------

-I do tip my hat to the Bengals. They made it to the post season when many folks, including me, thought that they'd trade spots with the Browns as the last place team in the AFC North. They came through the 2011 season with impressive plays and good wins. I'm happy for them & proud of them. QB Andy Dalton & WR A.J. Green; Wow. I love that combo coming up in 2012 and beyond. They make you forget about Carson Palmer & Chad Ochocinco. The problems were piling up though in this match-up in HOU. The Houston Texans hadn't made the playoffs since the Texans joined the league [or "Lig" as I have no problem with folks saying like some folks did on Twitter LOL] as an expansion team in 2002. This was also the first playoff appearance/win since Houston got another NFL team after the Oilers left to give TEN a team. However, Marvin Lewis has been in the playoffs three times within the past 9 seasons that he's coached the Bengals. He's played two playoff games @ home [0-2] and one on the road [0-1] & is 0-3 altogether. [Props to 6 for the correct on Twitter; Football Pros'ers is on it!] I wonder what next year will be like if there's no playoff clinch or if they lose again. Have to say that seat will be quite hot. NBC told us that he's the longest tenured head coach in Bengals history. However, there has to be a raised standard during that time. Despite the successes during the regular season, the post season is where it's at. If he doesn't come up with a playoff win & goes through the tenth season like this, historians will look back and wonder why he stayed so long. That's all "Ifs", But I got a feeling that 2012 won't be a bottom out season for CIN. During the game, the only high point for Dalton was throwing for 257 yards. Deion Sanders was impressed on NFL Network at how Dalton launched it. Bro can do that but some of the throws appeared to be rookie mistakes. I think he'll have a learning curve to master in the offseason in 2012 [in the offseason & the regular season] but can still be effective for his team. Good thing Cedric Benson got the TD but nothing else Goin' On But The Rent! The rough day not only included Jason Whitlock's Twitter criticism of Alex Flanagan's reporting but Twitter observers also saw reports & views of Adam "Pac Man" Jones being unsettled & fussing at a coach on the sidelines. Chris Crocker had Mad Misques like not making a sure fire INT & not having more hussle & play stopping on Arian Foster who was wide open. Remember, Marvin Lewis used to be the Defensive Coordinator for the Ravens. This is inexcusable. That's in addition to the burnt out challenges in the first half!!!! Whoa. What happened there. There are some question marks to answer there but still a chance that this can be bested in 2012. Marvin was correct, & should have been on the mission better in 2011, that they have to win in their division. They have to have more precision & some urgency in their 2012 quest. A Must. As for the Texans, they started out rough like the Bengals. Both young QBs were unsettled & needed to calm down in their first drives. Gotta Love that the team had Bum Phillips there as the Honorary Captain on the team that has his son, Wade Phillips, as their Defensive Coordinator. According to NBC, Bum coached the Houston Oilers for about five seasons & had that Sweet Cowboy hat on! Love It. Wade is said to be coming around alright after having surgery recently. A playoff win is certain to help the healing process for certain. The World of Wade was appreciated with plays like J.J. Watt, the rookie who had a Pick Six from Dalton. There was the obvious Defensive stylings of holding the Bengals to only ten points and no passing TD either. How much does Arian Foster Love his Team? He had the Texans' logo cut into his head!! Gotta love the team loyalty. I might do the same to raise my Corporate America performance because Arian accounted for 182 total yards of offense with two TDs complete with a 42 yard burst for one of those TDs. Man can Ball; Man can Ball. Rookie QB [like Andy Dalton for CIN] T.J. Yates managed the game decent with 11/20 and no INTs. That's important. Their next task: face the Ravens on the road. Love how one Ravens player on Twitter said the Texans were comin' to the Bank! LOL We'll see if the HOU D can make enough deposits to make a W. The Ravens' former D-Coord, Marvin Lewis, played HOU on the road in Wildcard Weekend & HOU faces Lewis' old team in the Divisional rounds on the road. These games are good. That game is not a gimme for either team. This is where is matters and counts the most. HOU can make some history if this run pans out to IND or BAL can shred those talks of Flacco not able to win a Super Bowl. That's gonna be fun on those storylines alone, let alone the Running Games of both teams and the QB match-ups. Gotta Love the way that WR Andre Johnson got a TD with his five receptions, 90 yards with his longest run clocked at 40 yards [yep; you can clock yards like that]. NBC was right to pass along the storyline that it took nine years for Andre to get there but he did it. Hats off to HOU for doin' it. What pains me to say but may help HOU now & some years to come? Word came out on mere hours before Wildcard Weekend started, that Jim Irsay will take Andrew Luck with the first overall pick in April's draft. With that & the highly likely departure of WR Reggie Wayne & the arrival of a new GM, that means that HOU really only has a decent TEN team to look out for in 2012 & a few years afterwards. JAC is rebuilding head to toe also. Wow. How quickly things turn around from being Peyton's division to being the Texans' division. This is truly something else.

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    -Hats off to the Detroit Lions for making the playoffs for the first time since 1999. They didn't win but they did break the streak. Folks like Anita Baker & Barry Sanders were tweeting their reactions and cheers for their team. As it should be. Hats off especially to Coach Jim Schwartz, Team Captain Nate Burleson [& his Ki-Ci & JoJo like dress sessions as evidenced on Twitter LOL] & the Ford Family. Yes. The Ford Family did things right in the thing and they are to be commended. I'm glad that this thing has turned around well for them despite SAT's outcome. They got Matt Stafford who was 380 yards and three TDs on in the NBC Wildcard Saturday. Crazy, Crazy talk? Calvin Johnson. Had 211 yards from 12 receptions and two TDs to go with them. Ten Year Vet & TE Will Heller got a TD in that. Still Good Stuff. This team has an identity now with their offense & defense. Some pieces weren't there tonight. Kevin Smith was quiet with six touches and 21 yards. I would have liked to have seen the running game opened up; the running game is what makes it open up. As noticed from Twitterers, Suh & Fairley were quiet on the Night. They weren't Beasty the way they were destined to, especially on a Big Stage such as that. Despite the situations, they are like the Bengals in the sense that they have some key pieces in place to succeed. DET will be competitive in 2012; I don't expect a playoff slump/playoff loss slump for them. WHO DAT! I have to say it as My Saints have been My Saints since 2003. The Aaron Brooks Days!!!! Joe Horn with the horn under the goal post, too! ["Horn" is an OLD School reference to telephones & Joe Horn had a TD celebration with a phone under the goal post in 2003. Long explanation but NOW you see what I did there LOL]. I ALWAYS talk offense but the Defense needs that Love Too. Nothing personal; Just the way it went. Jabari Greer did work Man. Love that he had two INTs. That's the way to ball. That's how you keep the momentum for the team. It got surprisingly quiet in the Superdome when the Lions scored early but it was loud & proud in the second half. Oh, then there's that Drew Brees!! SMACK!, SNAPS! 466 yards from the 33/43 & three TDs. This is pleasantly redundant. It's like the Packers with Aaron Rodgers. Whether you're a fan or not [of a team outside the NFC North or not the Steelers], this is a guy & a team that has to get props, applause and admitted respect. They just ball week in & week out. Mic Check this: Marques Colston & Robert Meachem each had over 100 yards receiving on SAT. That's just Beautiful, Man. Yeah, Charger fans. You probably witnessed the NBC Primetime Party complete with two Darren Sproles sightings in the End Zone. I agree with Bonnie Bernstein about feeling sorry for Chargers fans. This is some crazy stuff to see how Brees & Sproles are ballin' on the same team AND it's not for SD where they once were with A.J. Smith at the GM helm. I am amazed that he AND Norv Turner are still there. Philip Rivers was on NFL Network on SAT/SUN morning thanks in part to some bad let down from SD in 2011. The TD Love from Jimmy Graham & Pierre Thomas was quite nice. Just a Good Night but the next test: playing outdoor at the 49ers. This is going to be a significant test because being a dome team outdoors can make a certain difference. They have what it takes to win but must prepare with significant precision and skill with the focus on key defensive efforts in 2011 & the outdoor affect. Of course I can't leave out BRETT FAVRE! LOL He was at the game on SAT in the booth with his wife in attendance also. On the same day, It appears that Randy Moss officially got a Twitter account. Both played briefly together in the NFC North on the Vikings squad last season. Favre was back at the site where he threw an INT in 2010 when he could of run it for about 11 yards for a first down as the game was within three minutes from ending. Peter King's reaction on Twitter still rings in my head! LOL That play also changed the OT rules in the playoffs. I hate it but it's life in the league & the accommodation of the quarterback head over heels. Darren Sharper was at the game too; Both he & Favre won Super Bowls with separate teams as their only Super Bowl appearance together was a loss to the Denver Broncos in 1998 for the 1997 season. ["This One's For John!"]

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    -Wow. Only TWO points by ATL?!?!?!?! Crazy Bad stuff. When the ref does that "I Dream Of Jeannie" pose [ I Love You Barbra Eden!], then you know a defense will feel good about that safety! You may have assumed with that early play that the Falcons were gonna be "Dirty Birds" all up in there. This is horrible. As the media was saying on SUN, the playoff performance is, and already was last playoff game, a measuring stick for success for Matt Ryan and the Falcons. They are paper champions right now. They can't keep going through these motions. Guys like Tony Gonzalez go through these situations time and time again in their careers and they have no ring. It felt wrong for Jason Taylor not to have a ring when he retired last week. T. Go has more left in the tank but this one still has to hurt. You can never guarantee anything like making the postseason. Ask Rex Ryan! This team was nothing like itself all day. Michael Turner at RB was 15 touches for 41 yards. Julio Jones was 77 total yards of offense. Roddy White only had 52 yards. Just a Crazy Bad Day. This team has to learn that they have to be ready for the Big Games. They are gonna get their coach fired doing this. That's the truth. That's the NFL. Matt Ryan was 24/41 with 199 yards. I feel like you can't explain this. They just can't seal the deal & they should be. They could be like the 2007 Giants even! But No! This is going to hurt for a while. The only way to make this thing better is to make sure that there is that right balance of player appreciation & strict football routines. They have to see what they are allowing to happen in Week Three or Week 14 & such that is shooting them in the foot in the postseason. Stuff like that can carry a life of its own & rear its ugly head in the postseason. Can't do that on any football team. I know you can argue how the Packers' & Colts got away with things like a bad defense during the regular season & still succeeded to the playoffs. But not everyone has a Peyton Manning on their team nor an Aaron Rodgers; Both Super Bowl MVPs & Top Students of their games. An upside: they did well with the no huddle in 2011. I liked that. This team should continue to work on that & perfect it & clean up any missed assignments that allowed for the debacle on SUN. ATL loves it's Football & they will know if they are for real or not in 2012. This may have also cost the Falcons the chance to be on National TV in 2012; It was already limited in 2011. I felt they legitimately got on because of their previous regular season success & 2011 potential; Not because of getting a helping hand from the League. They better turn this thing around fast. Yes; I am a Saints fan & I am Very Happy with their 2011 NFC South Title Clinching Year! But in the interest of being a Football Fan in general, a team that struggles in the late & postseason [like My Cowboys] are gonna make any & everyone question them on the spot. Eli was Good. He completed 23/32, had three TDs & had 277 yards. Gotta Love that he was on his game on SUN despite the fact that it was at home & it was against a mentally vacationing Falcons team. While Victor Cruz was a none factor with two catches for 28 yards & no TDs, that left room for the 115 yards on six receptions with two TDs day for Hakeem Nicks. Good to see they can use the undrafted free agent [UFA] in other games but spreading out their weapon usage is a must here. Defense rolled with six total tackles for Jason Pierre-Paul & Antrel Rolle each. This team faces the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional round this weekend @ the Packers. It will certainly be fascinating football that will not be a shoe in for the Defending World Champions. I sense they will have to play similar to Week One in the Opening Kick-Off. Should be a Ratings Haven for FOX too. Gotta Love that TV Money. The NFL Sure Does [not just the high ratings but those CRAZY TV contracts! WOW!].

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    -WOW-E WOW WOW! ["Jabberjaw" reference] That Tebow Time don't play!! I LOVE that Tebow 80 yard bomb to Demaryius Thomas for the TD in Overtime. Just plain Awesome. That's how you open the first OT playoff. "Let's not get this any further than the first possession on the opening OT drive." Yeah, I like that LOL Thanks to Tebow Time, I got put in Twitter jail for tweeting and retweeting to much! LOL It was worth it but very challenging. I felt the electricity of Tim Tebow's OT TD bomb. Oh My Lord. For Real, Ya'll. I want to wrap up the Tebow-ness I'm feelin' but it's so Incredible! Industry Vet of about 15 years, Rich Eisen, was on a high breaking down the highlight on NFL Network. He shared out sentiment [paraphrasing]: "I don't know what happened. How did that happen?" Twitter was a-buzz. Larry Fitzgerald tweeted his Faith Focus Finish mantra he's had for at least two years when mentioning Tebow. Andrea Kremer tweeted & she's doesn't too often. It was an amazing night. I shared the excitement high with another Twitter pal when I said that I needed more football. [That's all the time but oh well LOL] Great Job by Tim Tebow & his crew to get that done. On the day, Thomas was 204 yards on four catches with that Epic 80 yard TD bomb. What I love is when Tebow gets a rushing TD & then the team & crowd really get into it. That is just amazing stuff. The excitement & joy always remind me of U of Florida plays where he ran in TDs. Just amazing energy & bolster for the team as a whole. This team is headed to NE. Remember, Tom Brady said something to the effect of "we'll probably see you again soon." after their late 2011 season meeting when the Pats beat DEN @ [Sports Authority Field @] Mile High. Just a complete and total incredible story of the 2011 Broncos. We were treated to Michael Irvin riding the "Tebow" rocking horse again on the SUN Evening edition of "NFL GameDay Final" on NFL Network AND some monkeys riding dogs! It's not even Christmas anymore!! In general, Tim Tebow does have inefficiencies with throwing the ball as he was 10/21 and scrambles to make plays when the pocket breaks down. It's truly a Favre or Eli Manning like thing he does. You've got to think about how this thing is Incredible but when you look closer you think about which team will have their number and contain Tebow's ability to rush TDs & throw bombs to make plays. I was real sorry to see Eric Decker leave with an injury that PFT calls a torn ACL. He's balled all year for them & it's terrible to see that happen to a player that shows up each game. CBS will have a ratings bonanza with the DEN @ NE game on SAT. It's gonna be wicked fun. Les Moonves & Sean McManus are gonna think they own New York City. Moonves & NBC Sports' Mark Lazarus should arm wrestle on Pay Per View. Two suburbanites going after each other in a similar way that their prized properties do? Order it for two households. Champ Bailey didn't get an INT that shoulda been an INT but this Tebow Time just bails everyone out, right? LOL The Steelers got to the postseason despite losing Super Bowl XLV. They got further than I thought by winning at least ten games in 2011 & making the postseason. Big Ben finally gets time to health his ankle & be ready for 2012. That's a relief for PIT fans as he was banged around in that DEN game & it looked bad as he got up & limped after a play in second half. Ryan Clark tweeted after the loss that he woulda played with his organs on the line for that game. Also, Brett Keisel left the game with a groin injury. No Rashard Mendehall either. That's a stiff order for a team that is playing on the road with Mile High being such a proud & key 12th Man in the League. Life is going to be a challenge in the offseason as, NFL Network pointed, that could've been the last game for Hines Ward. He was instrumental in previous seasons but slowly but surely there was bigger roles for Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown & Emmanuel Sanders for the team. As it should be, the team prepared for the future numerous seasons ago. It was fun with Ward. I like the chippiness that he played with at WR and during some defense he gave too LOL. Good Times. Cam Heyward is a product of Ohio State [GO BUCKS! I forgive your Epic Fail known as the 2012 Gator Bowl LOL] Cam is a rookie on this team & his first big spotlight is filling in for Brett Keisel. He showed up by helping to turn the all over & over all having three tackles. May he succeed well like Buckeye Dan Sanzenbacher for the Bears. Both Men should be particularly significant with their teams if they command high expectations & intense training with studying for 2012. Bears & Steelers have a hill to climb in some form or fashion. Ike Taylor had a BAAAAAAAAAD Day. Sorta like Roman Harper for the Saints in the 2011 Wildcard Playoffs at SEA. It piles up sometimes & you can't shake it. Chris Harris was speaking to it on Twitter SUN Night. It's a part of the game. As an example, Ike was there for a Pass Interference call & for being shown up bad when Demaryius Thomas got that 80 yarder for a TD. That's a Bad Day. He apologized to his teammates & fans on Twitter. He did have six tackles for the total game though. As it was mentioned on Twitter by another pal on the Fort Awesome forum, PIT RB Redman had a rough start but he finished with 17 touches and 121 yards. That is crazy considering that the game was his first real outing since Rashard Mendenhall was out. This team will be fine in 2012 but can't allow too many in game slides. They have to protect & fight through every adversity, like they have, but seal the deal & eliminate misques. That division is poised to be all BAL if they slip & fall in 2012. It's a humbling game for both teams for different. How big is this thing? The Hollywood Reporter tweeted out their story on #TebowMania on social media & how Bill Mahar was quiet. Mahar is a proud atheist [misspelled it I'm so disconnected with it] who bashed Tebow openly on Twitter on Christmas Eve. Tebow will make the internet explode if he [& DEN LOL] beat NE! Josh McDaniels is the Offensive Coordinator Again for NE just in Tebow Time for this match-up. Fun, Fun for Certain.

    On Saturday, the 17 Finalists for the Class of 2012 into the Pro Football Hall of Fame was announced. tagged the finalists as: Jerome Bettis, Tim Brown, Jack Butler, Cris Carter, Dermontti Dawson, Edward DeBartolo, Jr., Chris Doleman, Kevin Greene, Charles Haley, Cortez Kennedy, Curtis Martin, Bill Parcells, Andre Reed, Willie Roaf, Will Shields, Dick Stanfel & Aeneas Williams. This is a solid list. My favorites are Cris Carter & Bill Parcells. Carter is an Alumni Buckeyes player who is certainly deserving of the honor but I sense that his treatment of the media is the blatant reason why he has been snubbed for the Hall Call. He deserves it like any other Top WR but this is not a computerized system. Guys will hold grudges like they are in high school and are in a group of cool kids. This is some trash but true. On Parcells, Man certainly deserves it. He's got a great resume with the call & should be a first ballot member. He's been able to take more teams to the playoffs than any other head coach in NFL history. That's saying something. Also, gotta love his work with the Jeff Hostetler performance in the 1990 season & Super Bowl XXV. Phil Simms was a Super Bowl MVP four seasons previously. The Cowboys era was a mixed bag but it still yielded successes that the franchise hadn't seen in many years. I think there's some ways that the Cowboys acquired that Parcells installed & they stuck with it. There was draft picks and a playoff appearance that allowed them to have a better chance than before Parcells got there. He inspires me personally to be an assertive leader & I'm glad that I witnessed some part of his coaching career. Here's Hopin' he gets in on the first ballot.
    If there is another Tebow Time ending, in the Divisional Round like in the Wildcard Round, I need to lay down on the floor. Mercy, Mercy Me. Bring On the Divisionals!! Also, I leave you with this as posted in my "BuckeyeRidley's Thought of the Day" thread:

    "Follow Me Here:

    In 2007 during "Monday Night Football", the Packers' Brett Favre throws an 82 yard BOMB to Greg Jennings, Good for a Touchdown, to open & end OT @ Denver. The Packers' last game of the 2007 season was at home in the NFC Championship Game because the Giants won. The Giants advanced to Super Bowl XLII where they beat the Patriots.

    In the 2012 Wildcard Weekend, the Giants beat the Falcons and advance to the Divisionals to play @ the Packers. Later that day, the Denver Broncos' Tim Tebow throws an 80 yard BOMB to Demaryius Thomas good for a touchdown at home to open & end OT and they advance to play the Patriots. Only. In. The. NFL"
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    Hell of good games. I might be in the minority, but I do enjoy blowouts (not when they are against my team though), because they help showcase a dominant performance. The GIants were clicking, and the Saints turned out all the stops in the second half. I loved how Foster ran, the guy is amazing.
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    Also enjoyed the Giants blowout. Partly due to financial reasons, but also, I felt vindicated in my belief that the Falcons have gone as far as they are going to go under Mike Smith. He may be a decent coach, but he just doesn't have that extra bit of knowledge or cleverness that separates the good coaches from the great ones.