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Championship Week!

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Before I say anything else, I want to offer condolences to Chad and his family. For those of you who don't know, 85s dad passed away. He's in Florida today for the funeral, and hopes to be back to Foxboro for the game. I hope he gets the chance to get a long TD tommorow, if weather lets him get back here.

Now, onto football musings:

Oakland: Who will take that job? You'd be taking over a team that's had 6 head coaches (7 when you take over), since 2002. You have 2 picks in the draft, a 5 and a 6. You have Carson Palmer, who didn't look good for the most part of this year, and he's costing you a high round choice next year. And, if you don't instantly succeed, you're gone.

Jets: I love the meltdown. I also love how close I was on the Jets breakdown in my blog. Go Amy! That said, I expect Rex and his guys to be in the thick of things next year!

London: Wow, the Rams decided to be the London 'home' team for the next 3 seasons. What must Ram season ticket holders feel?? A .525 career HC, an OC that the Jets dumped, and a DC that, even though he has had success, I think is iffy. And, now, losing 3 home games. I'd be peeved if I was a Rams fan, heck I'm peeved we have to go there to play them next year. I hate the whole idea of a London regular season game.

Officiating: I've been really impressed with it in the playoffs so far. I know, the Giants fans whined about a call in a game they won handily, but, that game was the only one of the first 8 you can really even think about hitting the officials on. That's really good.

CBS: We'll see CBSs last game of the season tommorow. This will be Week 24 for them (4 preseason, 17 regular, 3 playoff). It will be at least the 5th time Nantz and Simms have done the Pats. I'm guessing that they *still* won't be ready for the Pats to run uptempo, and miss at least 2 snaps while Simms shows us some 3 yard out replay four or five times. How hard is it for a director/producer/whomever to switch over to the camera's that are live when a team goes to the line?

Now, into predictions:

Pats/Ravens: Pats, natch. Now, if the Ravens win, I won't be devestated. I like the Ravens and seeing Ed and Ray Ray play for a trophy would be fun. I don't want that to happen, but it's not like if we lose, the Steelers, or Jets will go on. But, I think we win. Not by a lot, but we win.

49ers/Giants: 49ers. Why? Cause it's a better matchup for us if we make it, and a better storyline if the Ravens do.
And, because Bill Simmons is a moron. He thinks every Pats fan wants a rematch of 2k7, as if beating the Giants this year will erase 18-1, and Asante Samuel's two failures at assuring perfection.

Speaking as a life long Pats fans - *bleep* that. I saw the Steelers of the 70s, the 49ers of the 80s, the Cowboys of the 90s, and this Pats run. When it ends, and it will - they always do - there's that period of suckitude that follows. I want rings, I want Super Bowl wins, and the Giants are the wrong team for us.


Because every coach has a weakness. Andy Reid can't manage the clock, Norv is Norv, Marvin Lewis can't handle challenges, etc.

BB has two weaknesses. One is arrogance, and it cost us a Super Bowl Appearance in 2k5, when instead of pounding Corey Dillon with a 20 point lead vs the Colts in the AFC Championship Game, he tried to be the 2k7 Pats without the parts, and, the number of clanked inc's gave the Colts the chance for a monster, and deserved, comeback. I don't mind that, though. You have had to be good to be arrogant, and we have been under him. How good? This is Brady's 12th year as our QB, and will be his 6th AFC Championship Game.

No, I fear the other weakness. BB has a killer instinct against 30, of the 31, teams he plays. The one he doesn't is the New York Giants. He seems to have a true feeling of gratitude to the organization for giving him his first real big break in the NFL. He's not the killer BB vs them, it's like some part of him is not fully invested.

I respect that. But, in the Super Bowl, I want those wins. I want to get as many rings in the Brady era as we can. So, go 49ers. Not Go Giants.

I can't wait for kickoff!

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