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1. Athletes and the Fans and Trying (0-15)

2. NHL Playoffs

3. Early Returns in the MLB´╗┐

4. NBA Playoffs

5. Terrell Suggs and Phil Taylor

6. Model American


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Updated 05-15-2012 at 07:40 AM by Polishguy00

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  1. Colts01's Avatar
    Getting a "page not found" on your link Polish.
  2. Polishguy00's Avatar
    Colts, for this one it seems that only the player on the site is working. I have no idea why. So just click the player on the

    Also, can try:
    Updated 05-14-2012 at 05:30 PM by Polishguy00
  3. Colts01's Avatar
    Will do.Thanks
  4. mikesteelnation1's Avatar
    The new links worked. I listened to the first passage about "trying". Great stuff. Just a suggestion, but parse the podcast in the way you label the sections of it in your op. Offer it as a full pod cast, but have the sections parsed too.

    I'll never have 40 minutes uninterrupted to listen to an opinion, but 4-8 minutes I can always fit in. Listen to the sections individually without having to load the entire podcast, and drag to where I left off. It might also gain views from people who only care to hear one opinion, but don't care to try and find it.

    I love football, and have come to respect your opinion and posts, so ill do the parsing myself to hear the whole thing. From a broader perspective, putting it in sections IMHO would be beneficial.
  5. Polishguy00's Avatar
    Mike, thank you for your input. What you described is something I have considered before, but the logistics of it make it way too hard on me. A podcast from record to finish takes a few hours now. The upload portion is the part that is a finicky bastard sometimes. Like on this one, I did the link how I always do it and then it just decides not to work. The time it would take to coordinate, check (yes, I do check the links and sound), and keep several links per show up and running just is not something I'd do until sponsorship occurs and could pay someone to do it. Plus, I'm not a pro at it. There are things I am sure I am missing. One thing I will do that I have done on other recent pods is to time stamp the subjects so people know exactly how far to go into the podcast to listen. Again, love that I have a new listener and I am always up for input. Thank you again for listening.
  6. mikesteelnation1's Avatar
    The time stamp thing in the op would be clutch. That way if there's subjects some may not want to hear, they can skip to exactly what they want. Fortunately, the most interesting segment to me in this podcast was the opener, so no stamp needed for me.

    Tonight ill listen to hockey, but I'm in no way interested in baseball or basketball, so ill need to skip to the suggs and Taylor part tomorrow. That's where the time stamp would be clutch.

    Hopefully you get sponsored soon!!
  7. Polishguy00's Avatar
    I should let you know that my hockey thing is a gimmick. I spend two minutes or less on the NHL playoffs each May. It is sort of a running joke about people don't listen about hockey. In truth, I love hockey and really love playoff hockey. People don't tune in for it. Of course, my most listened-to stuff is the NFL previews and NFL playoff previews.
  8. mikesteelnation1's Avatar
    It's a bit too late for that warning polish!! I love hockey, and my devils were looking good til game 1. Dammit!!

    Suggs and Taylor better be better! Redemption is necessary!! You sold me some magic beans on hockey..