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They're Everywhere, Man

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Busy Sports Week Needed an Emergency Podcast with Blots

1. Intro

2. US Open (0-11)

3. Rom´╗┐e v. Stern (12-25)

4. NBA Finals (26-34)

5. Sandusky Trial (35-45)

6. Truth About Lance and Sports and PEDs (46-1:05)

7. Model American (1:05-1:10)



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  1. mikesteelnation1's Avatar
    Nice job polish. I can't disagree about much. Nothing will ever be "monster" anything, ever again for me ever. Thank you jerry sandusky for fn that up! Pile of trash he is!

    I also wish your cast on the pdas had gone after today to hear how the clemens court disposition plays into that.
  2. Polishguy00's Avatar
    Thanks for the kind words. Clemens does not even really register on my radar. The reason why is stated in the baseball thread. I do think the Clemens and Bonds trials were complete wastes of time.