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I'm a ramblin' man...

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I know my writing "style" isn't for everyone. Honestly, it even annoys me. I'm all over the place, I like to be ecclectic, and sometimes I don't have much to say, yet I continue to type. A good example of this would be the previous 3 sentences. Just some random thoughts though.

Bears are 4-1. I am a little surprised, but I'm not sure if it's the "impressed" surprised or the "Todd Collins is in the game" surprised. I'm happy at 4-1. I'm not thrilled though, only because I think we've hit the ceiling. Of course, I'm a pessimist, but not with these Bears, only because this is the first time in a few seasons that I was unaware of what the 2010 Bears team would bring to the table. A lot of new faces, on and off the field. A lot of questionmarks, many of them ongoing, some of which we STILL haven't gotten answers to. I don't have the answers...usually I do. When John Shoop was the OC, and it was 3rd and 8, we knew the screen to the flat was coming, and we ALL knew that the CORRECT answer was to throw it down the field, not across the field. Whatever happens to this Bears team the rest of the year, I'll be content with for some reason. Not drinking the kool-aid, I feel more like the designated driver: I'll just sit back and watch the show instead of joining in.

Currently, Brett Favre is being Brett Favre. Making noise on Monday Night, against the Jets defense. The Offense was DEAD the entire 1st half, then he hooked up with Moss, and it seemed to energize everyone. I hated Favre. Hated. As I got older though, I did start to respect him. I don't think the hatred will ever go away, but I'm not sure how I feel about the guy. I think a lot of being sick of him isn't his fault. I get the whole media circus, and granted, yes, it is probably his way of getting attention...but I hate ESPN for talking about him as much as they do, and in the manner they do it. The guy is a QB, we get it, a HOF one. So is Peyton Manning though, and he's covered probably about 1/5th of the time, if not less. I know Manning isn't as polarizing of a figure as Favre, but it nauseates me.

I can't help but love Rex Ryan. Maybe because he would fit in at any bar in my South Side Chicago neighborhood. Perhaps it's because he's honest, and real, and I just don't get enough of that anymore. I think a lot of it though, in reality, is that I grew up with his dad, hearing about him, hearing about how the Defense WOULD have played had Buddy still been there. I was a year and 9 months old when the Bears won SB XX. When I started playing in the neighborhood, you knew how to rush the QB, not how to cover a receiver. You knew how to run over linebackers on offense, not how to run out routes. I like that Rex Ryan's stubborn, I just hope it doesn't bite him in the trousers.

Just a thought...Bobby Cox was the manager of the Atlanta Braves as long as I've been alive. That is absolutely insane to me. Congrats to him on a great career.

I thought the Rays were done...never count out TB though. They are the San Diego Chargers of MLB.

There's a lot of great TV being aired right now. I'm not much for dramas, but Mad Men is phenomenal. I think it does a good job of forcing ones imagination to travel back in time, which may be easier said than done. I'm upset that I don't have HBO anymore, although I try to watch online as much as I can...Eastbound and Down is hilarious. All of the dialogue and scenes are great, but the one weird thing about the show on a rare serious note is that, well, at least for me, you still feel bad for Kenny Powers at times...I'm not sure why, and he gives the audience NO reason to, but I still feel for the guy. Hands down though, Thursday nights are back!!! Yes, I watch Jersey Shore...I still enjoy it, but not as much as I did season 1. Sunny, followed by the League, and The Office on NBC are all can't miss. The past 2 weeks all 6 episodes have been absolutely hilarious. Who would you all want to replace Steve Carrell? DO you replace him? What about an in-house promotion, like Jim or Dwight being in charge of the Office?

One new show I'll recommend is World of Jenks on MTV. I believe it's 4-5 episodes in, and YES, it is on MTV, but it really is well done, and focuses on very interesting people with very interesting topics and situations they are going through at the time of documentation. It airs Monday nights at 9 for anyone interested.

Thanks everyone for reading. If you didn't like it, that's cool...if ya did, I'll see ya next time!

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  1. iwatt's Avatar
    The Bears are exiting to watch. I liked that we threw in the rookies on the O-line. What we had before wasn't cutting it, and against the Panthers we could send them out on trial by fire. Run blocking is less complicated than pass protection, and the Panthers play good defense. I'm happy that we got the game run going. Hopefully we can get the short yardage run working soon.

    Jay is never going to be Manning or Brady, but he can get those big throws when we really need them. Back in '08, although Denver had no running, he was getting time to throw. He did have 18 picks that year, but he did step back to throw 616 times (2,9%). The average for the league is 3.1%. He'll always throw picks, but if the run game is there, he won't have to be throwing the ball so much.
  2. DannyMilk's Avatar
    I wonder what Deangelo Hall is buying Cutler for last night's game? Maybe he can bring him along to Hawaii because he just booked his trip haha