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Rich Gapinski

2013 NFL Draft: First Two Rounds

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These podcasts are simple:

Hack, KabaModernFan from and I discuss the first two rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft.

The first one is about 90 minutes long and the second one lasts about an hour. Enjoy.

Email us:

First Round:

Second Round, Show Idea, Model American:

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  1. Rich Gapinski's Avatar
    The first round is posted on the front page, but here it is again along with the second round:

    So, here goes:
    1. KC- L. Joeckel, T
    2. JAC- D. Jordan, DE
    3. OAK- S. Lotulelei, DT
    4. PHI- E. Fisher, T
    5. DET- D. Milliner, CB
    6. SD (from CLE)- L. Johnson, T
    7. NYJ (from ARI)- T. Austin, WR
    8. BUF- E. Ansah, DE
    9. ARI (from NYJ)- B. Mingo, DE
    10. TEN- S. Floyd, DT
    11. CLE (from SD)- K. Vaccaro, S
    12. MIA- X. Rhodes, CB
    13. NYJ (from TB)- G. Smith, QB
    14. CAR- C. Patterson, WR
    15. NO- J. Jones, LB
    16. StL- A. Ogletree, LB
    17. PIT- T. Eifert, TE
    18. DAL- C. Warmack, G
    19. NYG- D.J. Hayden, CB
    20. CHI- S. Richardson, DT
    21. CIN- J. Cyprien, S
    22. StL- J. Cooper, G
    23. MIN- D. Trufant, CB
    24. IND- D. Jones, DE
    25. MIN- B. Werner, DE
    26. BUF (from GB)- R. Nassib, QB
    27. HOU- M. Te'o, LB
    28. DEN- A. Brown, LB
    29. PHI (from NE)- E.J. Manuel, QB
    30. ATL- D.J. Fluker, T
    31. SF- J. Jenkins, DT
    32. BAL- K. Allen, WR

    Second Round:
    33. JAC- M. Barkley, QB
    34. SF- E. Reid, S
    35. NE (From PHI)- J. Taylor, CB
    36. DET- M. Watson, T
    37. CIN- E. Lacy, RB
    38. ARI- T. Armstead, T
    39. NYJ- B. Wreh-Wilson, CB
    40. TEN- S. Montgomery, DE
    41. GB (from BUF)- M. Hunt, DE
    42. MIA- D. Hopkins, WR
    43. TB- S. Williams, DT
    44. CAR- J. Hankins, DT
    45. CLE (from SD)- K. Minter, LB
    46. STL- R. Woods, WR
    47. DAL- M. Elam, S
    48. PIT- J. Collins, LB
    49. NYG- J. Pugh, C/G
    50. CHI- K. Alonso, LB
    51. WAS- J. Banks, CB
    52. MIN- J. Hunter, WR
    53. CIN- Z. Ertz, TE
    54. MIA- K. Long, G
    55. GB- G. Bernard, RB
    56. SEA- S. Moore, LB
    57. HOU- Q. Patton, WR
    58. DEN- T. Carradine, DE
    59. NE- J. Williams, DT
    60. ATL- D. Moore, DE
    61. SF- D. Amerson, CB
    62. BAL- A. Okafor, DE