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For the personnel department:

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1. Acquiring players. In the draft, offer my Head Coach three guys when it is our turn. If he hates hates hates one, don't do it. If he is on the fence, think long term.
2. Do not trade an extra first round draft pick for any but a generational player, and that player better be a QB or pass rusher.
3. Speak honestly with everybody.
4. Do not trade, trade for, or cut a guy without the input of head coach, coordinator, and position coach. When it comes to removing players, I expect you to keep current. With the aforementioned coaches regarding players already on your roste,r so it shouldn't require much effort to know whether you are screwing the team. Over by giving away the guy in between your starting QB and the one who sucks most. Ahem.
5. Character and leadership matter. If one guy is a slosh more talented than another, and the second guy is a big time locker room leader while the first is an ass, consider the second guy to be the better member of your team.

Comes right down to it, the General Manager on my team is not the final say on roster. That is the head coach. The GM shops and negotiates, but the HC can veto any cut, trade, or signing. I trust my HC.

6. Draft, draft, sign. Draft, draft, sign. I endeavor to not overpay for free agents. The coaches know who can fit on the team. They can help you figure who is worth what. Use that resource.
7. If the reason you want to draft or sign someone includes the idea that you can change them as a player, do not acquire that guy, and I expect your resignation in the morning. The coaches can improve a player's effectiveness, but it is generally not a good idea to try to change the player fundamentally.

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