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L'Audace! L'Audace! Toujour l'Audace!

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As George Patton often said: the thing I just wrote in the subject line.

There is a time for becoming conservative, and lemme tell Mr. Jauron, it isn't the second you get a one point lead in the first quarter, as a rule. I want to push forward at all times. On offense, defense, and kicking teams. Always be on the hunt for an advantage. Always be ready to capitalize on a mistake. Always be ready to bounce back form a failure. 4th and 1 on their 45? Bet your bippy we are going for it, and quickly.

Another thing Patton often said that I like: A good plan executed now is far better than a perfect plan that might be executed tomorrow. Every play does not need a flourish or a touch of the madness we call genius. Sometimes a QB sneak or fullback dive is just the right thing. Usually when run on a quick count after hurrying to the line, and ideally from a spread-ish formation that gets the linebackers a step farther away from you.

First and ten from our 10? I don't mind throwing it fifteen or thirty yards. They have the ball in the 4th, we are up 6, with fewer than 2 minutes left? If we are sitting back in a shell coverage, our DBs are looking to jump a slant, hook, hitch, or in route to get that ball back.

We have a ten point lead with ten minutes to go? We are going to put that ball in the end zone at least once.

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