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The players we need in order to be successful:

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In no particular order, the positions for which good enough will not be sufficient:

1. Center - he runs the offensive line. I want someone who is tough, smart, and a natural leader. Also quick hands and feet. Would help if he was farmer-strong.
2. Punt and kickoff gunner - knowing that not only will you likely never give up a return for touchdown but will more often than not net no return on punts is a beautiful thing.
3. Offensive Tackles - not saying it is OK to break the bank on free agent veterans, but it is good to take multiple swings in the draft and in UFA signings. Always have a physically gifted project on hand.
4. Either TE or WR. I want one of them to be outstanding. If we have that, then the others around them have to be merely no worse than average. I believe this will all my heart, provided our
5. Quarterback is all world good. If he isn't, then refer back to my list of requirements for a QB, and it is decision making and accuracy under pressure I prize above the rest, followed by mobility in the pocket and leadership skills, sorry, physical, mental, and emotional toughness. I don't need a cheerleader rah rah type, but that won't put me off a guy who can perform.
6. Outside pass rusher. At least 2 of those, please. They don't have to be huge, but super quick would help.
7. Cornerbacks who can all play the same kind of system. They don't have to be the most talented if they Can play zone.
8. A safety who has been a cornerback. Trust me on this.
9. A linebacker who can cover a great tight end.
10. An inside pass rusher-havoc wreaked. Think Kyle Williams, Aaron Donald, John Randle, Geno Atkins. I will go so far as to say that if we don't have a DT who is about six feet tall. Strong, and cat quick, probably between 280-310, we are missing out.
11. At least one load of a giant defensive tackle, because that is fun to watch.
12. Running backs who can catch and pick up a blitz. You can find guys to just run, but guys who can help you come from behind are like gold.

If you ever draft a running back, safety, or guard in the top ten I will probably fire you.

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