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Live Blog 2016 Championship Weekend.

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I'm going to be live blogging both of the Championship Games.

Let's go Falcons! Let's go Pats!

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  1. Amy's Avatar
    LOL. First penalty of the second half is delay of game on the Packer kickoff team!
  2. Amy's Avatar
    ATL: 44. GB: 15. 12:00 left in the game and Aikman is not willing to say that the Falcons are going to the Super Bowl.

  3. Amy's Avatar
    Kickoff's getting closer and closer.

    I hate the last few minutes, the wait seems to take forever!
  4. Amy's Avatar
    Kickoff pushed back 5 minutes.


    'The Previous game' was the reason given by CBS. 30 seconds later, they announced the previous game is over.

    Kick off at the normal time. Arrgghh!
  5. Amy's Avatar
    The Pats win the toss and take the football? That's not normal at all.

    The drive is five plays. All passes. Marty for 12, Jules for 41, Mitchell for 5, Danny for 4. The 3rd and 1 play (empty out of the gun, have I mentioned I hate that!), goes off Mitchell's hands and we take the FG.

    3-0 Pats. 13:06 in the first.

    On 3rd and less than 1, I'd be 4 wide, under center with LG in the backfield.
  6. Amy's Avatar
    Three and out! Bell has two carries for 9. On 3rd and 1, they go deep to Coates and miss.
  7. Amy's Avatar
    Three and out. Ugly drive. LG loses 1, a bad snap leads to a throw away, and Hargrave sacks Brady.

    Then we only get a 39 yard punt.

    That possession sucked.
  8. Amy's Avatar
    6 plays and a punt. Butler nearly picks Ben on the second 3rd down of the drive.
  9. Amy's Avatar
    Yeah! What a drive.

    It started with Lewis. A play action to him for 3, then Jules had a 6 yard catch. Lewis had the next 3 plays, running each time for 11 total.

    Then it was Hogan's turn with 3 catches for 41 yards.

    Blount was next, 2 carries for 5.

    Back to Hogan for the finish. 16 yard touchdown!

    10-0 Pats. 2:47 left in the first.
  10. Amy's Avatar
    First Quarter is over. Steelers driving. Bell might be hurt.

    We won the first quarter.

    Go Pats!
  11. Amy's Avatar
    Tre Flowers hurt. Bell looks to have an ankle injury. He seems to want to come back in, but they've been going with Williams for now.
  12. Amy's Avatar
    Nice drive for the Steelers.

    14 plays, with Williams and Rogers being the stars. Williams scores a 6 yard TD to end the drive.

    10-6 Pats. 11:31 left in the half. The XP was off to the left.
  13. Amy's Avatar
    We answer.

    Brady finds Marty for 9, the LG gets the first with a 3 yard run.

    Then it almost comes apart. Brady has Hogan wide open at the 50 but throws behind him. Then we throw it away on 2nd down. But on 3rd and 10, Brady finds Jules for 12.

    A screen to Hogan gets 4, but then LG gets stuffed. On 3rd and 8, Brady goes back to Hogan for 22.

    We finish the drive a 33 yard TD to Hogan off a flea flicker.

    Hey, Bills! Thanks for Hogan.

    17-6 Pats. 7:43 left in the half.
  14. Amy's Avatar
    Bell and Flowers are both back.
  15. Amy's Avatar
    Bell came in for 1 play and is back on the sidelines with his helmet off.
  16. Amy's Avatar
    The Steelers answer with an impressive drive of 11 plays. They finish it just after the two minute warning with an 18 yard catch and run by James.

    On review, James was down just short of the goal line. So they have a first and goal inside the 1.

    After the review, we drop Williams for a loss of 1. On second down, we drop Williams at the 6! On third down, the pass to Rogers is incomplete!


    Boswell comes out for a FG try. The kick is good.

    17-9 Pats. 1:39 left.

    The Steelers had 1st and goal from the 1 inch line. We held!

    We may win, we may lose, but the D deserves respect.
  17. Amy's Avatar
    5 plays and then halftime. I did not like the play calling on the two minute drive.

    The Steelers win the quarter 9 to 7.

    We lead at the half.
  18. Amy's Avatar
    There have been no turnovers or penalties in the game. I hope that the Steelers get careless with the ball and throw us a couple in the second half.

    Two quarters to go in the next to last game of the season.

    Go Pats!
  19. Amy's Avatar
    Three and out for the Steelers to start the second half.
  20. Amy's Avatar
    Shazier draws the first flag of the game by spearing Jules.
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