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Live Blog 2016 Championship Weekend.

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I'm going to be live blogging both of the Championship Games.

Let's go Falcons! Let's go Pats!

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  1. Amy's Avatar
    Brady sneaks for 2 on 3rd and 1. Steelers claim a fumble. Officials give us the first down, and Tomlin challenges. I don't think you'll be able to overturn the call on the field. I'm thinking it will stand, and the Steelers will we down a time out.
  2. Amy's Avatar
    Ruling stands! They are down to 2 timeouts, and 1 challenge.
  3. Amy's Avatar
    That drive was strange.

    Brady goes to Lewis for 5, then we had the play to Jules where Shazier drew the flag.

    Brady went to LG for 8, then LG got 1, and we have the sneak for the first.

    After that, Brady went deep to Hogan for 24.

    But, Jules had a drop, Lewis got stopped for 0, and Mitchell was oob on a 12 yard catch on 3rd and 10 by about an inch.

    We do make the 48 yard FG.

    20-9 Pats. 9:59 left in the quarter.
  4. Amy's Avatar
    It looks like Bell is out for the game.
  5. Amy's Avatar
    8 plays and a punt for the Steelers. James may be hurt.
  6. Amy's Avatar
    Ok, offense. Long TD drive and get us to the 4th, please.
  7. Amy's Avatar
    We start at the 12. Dupree drops Lewis for a loss of 2, and the a screen to White gets 5. On 3rd and 8, Brady finds Jules for 17.

    On the next play, Brady goes to the FB, Develin, who gets 14.

    Blount gets dropped for a loss of 3, but then Hogan smokes the Steelers again for 24.

    And then Blount.

    We're at the 19, he powers to 10. The he carries half defense until the drag him down in the 1. He finishes the drive the next play.

    27-9 Pats. 2:44 left in the quarter.
  8. Amy's Avatar
    Rogers fumbles. Van Noy with the strip! Nink gets the Ball! Pats Ball!
  9. Amy's Avatar
    It's all Jules. 18 on the first play. The White gets stopped for no gain, Hogan drops a screen, and Jules gets the 10 yard TD.

    We miss the XP.

    33-9 Pats. 1:35 left.
  10. Amy's Avatar
    The third ends with 5 passes: 30 to Coates, incomplete to James (but Ryan was called for holding), 18 to Brown, incomplete to Coates in the endzone, Brown for 8.

    Steelers have a second and 2.

    We won the third handily.

    15 more minutes!
  11. Amy's Avatar

    They find Hamilton for 7 and a first and goal on the 6.

    Then this happens:

    First and goal: Williams for 1.
    Second and goal: Williams for 3.
    Third and goal: 2 yard TD to Hamilton. However, he had stepped out of bounds and was the first to touch the ball. Illegal touch, loss of down.
    Pats take timeout #1 after seeing the Pitt formation.
    4th and goal: Ben tries the fade to Hamilton, Ryan defends the pass.

    No points.

    Our ball at the 2. 13:06 left
  12. Amy's Avatar
    5 plays and a punt. We mostly kept the clock moving. We punt with 10:36 left in the game.
  13. Amy's Avatar
    Rowe picks Ben! Pats Ball!
  14. Amy's Avatar
    We take advantage.

    Brady started off by going to Jules for 13.

    The next two passes went to Marty for a total of 9 and LG ran for 7 for the first down. We had first and goal at the 4.

    LG was stopped for a loss of 2. Brady missed Hogan, but offsides defense gave us 2nd and goal at the 3. On second we had to throw the ball away. After Marty was called for false start, Brady was sacked and we made a fg.

    36-9 Pats. 6:26 left. Time to bring Jimmy G in.
  15. Amy's Avatar
    4 minutes to go!
  16. Amy's Avatar
    9 play drive for them ending with a 30 yard TD to Hamilton.

    They try for a two point conversion and make it.

    36-17 Pats 3:36 left.
  17. Amy's Avatar
    The onside kick goes OOB. Pats ball.
  18. Amy's Avatar
    3 minutes to go
  19. Amy's Avatar
    2 minute warning!

    Can you feel it!

    It's almost time!
  20. Amy's Avatar
    Victory Formation Time!

    We Are Going to Houston!
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