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Live Blog 2016 Championship Weekend.

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I'm going to be live blogging both of the Championship Games.

Let's go Falcons! Let's go Pats!

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  1. Amy's Avatar
    Bill Vinovich has the ref job today. His crew called the fewest penalties this season for the second year in a row and one of my personal fave's. I hate the all star crews of the playoffs, but Vinovich is solid. Mikey P. calls him the best ref in the NFL right now, and I don't know if I would disagree. If he is, though, shouldn't he have the Super Bowl. I don't want that to come across as thinking Cheffers is a bad choice for 51, as I don't think he's bad, but the best should have the Super Bowl.

    For the second week in a row, Atlanta does a sax solo for the Anthem, and like last week there's a lot of improv. Why is that never criticized?
  2. Amy's Avatar
    On the opening kick off, Brice, a defensive player for Green Bay was hurt making the tackle.
  3. Amy's Avatar
    The Falcons start with a thirteen play drive. They were three of three on third down.

    The drive ended with a flip pass to Sanu for a 2 yard touchdown. There was a flag on Green Bay on the play. Personal foul that will be enforced on the kick off.

    Gunter and Sanu got into a shoving match during the drive.'

    7-0 Atlanta with 8:24 left in the first. Very nice drive.
  4. Amy's Avatar
    The Packers look explosive to start with. AR finds Nelson twice for a total of 41 yards. But the six play drive is a failure. The Packers use a timeout on the only 3rd down with the play clock under 5, and then pressure makes AR throw the ball away. The 41 yard FG is missed to the right.

    Atlanta's getting some pressure on Rodgers and the offense has a chance now to open the game up.
  5. Amy's Avatar
    The Falcons drive is both good and bad.

    The good is an 11 play drive that had 3 completions of 15 or more yards. 2 for 31 for Sanu, one for 16 for Hooper on 3rd and 7.

    The bad was 3 penalties (2 false start, one hold) on the Falcon line.

    They settle for a 28 yard FG to take a 10-0 lead with :14 left in the quarter.

    Atlanta is 4 of 5 on 3rd down.
    Green Bay is 0 of 1 on 3rd down.
  6. Amy's Avatar
    First quarter calls:

    Green Bay: 1 personal foul.
    Atlanta: 2 False Start, 1 offensive hold.

    I have not seen any missed calls. The officiating is very solid so far.
  7. Amy's Avatar
    Green Bay blows it again. They have a six play drive that includes 2 catches by Cobb for 39. After converting a 3rd and 4, they give the ball to Radkoswki. He has a great run, but the ball is stripped and recovered by Atlanta for a touchback.

    Ty Montgomery left the game with an apparent injury earlier in the drive.

    Atlanta is 4 of 5 on 3rd down.
    Green Bay is 1 of 2 on 3rd down.
  8. Amy's Avatar
    Alex Mack shaken up on a busted run play. If he's badly hurt, that could be huge.
  9. Amy's Avatar
    Mack misses one play.
  10. Amy's Avatar
    Atlanta smoked Green Bay. Julio had 3 catches for 54 yards (and also one drop). Matt Ryan capped off the 9 play drive with a 14 yard TD run.

    17-0 Falcons. 7:24 left in the half.

    Atlanta is 5 of 6 on 3rd down.
    Green Bay is 1 of 2 on 3rd down.
  11. Amy's Avatar
    The Packers three and out.

    Atlanta is 5 of 6 on 3rd down.
    Green Bay is 1 of 3 on 3rd down.
  12. Amy's Avatar
    Rodgers wanted a flag after a hit on his third down throw. I thought it was a good non call. I wonder if Ray Lewis is tweeting about it being football with AR asking for a flag like he did for TB12.
  13. Amy's Avatar
    Atlanta four and out.

    The drive is derailed when a direct snap to an in motion Gabriel is mistimed, goes off his leg and hits the ground. Atlanta recovers, but ends up punting after they come up short on the 3rd and 10 play that followed the miscue.

    Atlanta is 5 of 7 on 3rd down.
    Green Bay is 1 of 3 on 3rd down.
  14. Amy's Avatar
    Lane Taylor, the RG for the Packers, down on one knee with 2:27 left in the half.
  15. Amy's Avatar
    Five plays and a punt for Green Bay. Rodgers sacked on 2nd and 10 right before the two minute warning. The Packers faced 3rd and 21 after the warning, and they failed to convert. AR went deep to Nelson and was picked.

    Atlanta is 5 of 7 on 3rd down.
    Green Bay is 1 of 4 on 3rd down.
  16. Amy's Avatar
    Hyde is out and questionable to return with a shoulder injury.
  17. Amy's Avatar
    Atlanta uses the rest of the half in an impressive, if slightly flawed, drive. Coleman is the star with 3 catches for 38 yards. The drive ends with a 5 yard TD catch by Julio with 3 seconds left in the half.

    Atlanta is 7 of 9 on 3rd down.
    Green Bay is 1 of 4 on 3rd down.

    24-0 Atlanta.

    The Falcons are dominating the game.

    No flags in the second quarter.
  18. Amy's Avatar
    Hyde, Taylor and Brice are all out for the rest of the game.
  19. Amy's Avatar
    Three and out with 2 Cook drops to start the half for Packers.

    Atlanta is 7 of 9 on 3rd down.
    Green Bay is 1 of 5 on 3rd down.
  20. Amy's Avatar
    Two play drive. Falcons put the dagger in. Julio with a catch and run for 73 on 2nd and 8.

    31-0 Atlanta. 13:51 left in the 3rd.

    And unless something crazy happens, I'll be back for Pats/Steelers.
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