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Super Bowl 51 Live Blog!

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Last game of the season and I am glad it's almost kickoff.

Let's start with inactives for both teams.

The Pats are LaAdrian Waddle, DJ Foster, Jacoby Brissett, Michael Floyd, Cyrus Jones, Justin Coleman and Jordan Richards.

The Falcons are Nick Williams, Teron Ward, Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Dashon Goldson, Josh Keyes, Wes Scweitzer, and DJ Tialavea.

I think it's a good sign that Floyd is down as that hints that Danny Amendola is ok.

Lets Go Pats!

One More Win!

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  1. Amy's Avatar
    Atlanta uses timeout #2. Not that it really matters.
  2. Amy's Avatar
    Sack! At the Falcon 48. They'll punt.

    Minor win.
  3. Amy's Avatar
    1 quarter to go. We need to run the Chip Kelly version of offense for the rest of the game.
  4. Amy's Avatar
    Pick up the Pace!
  5. Amy's Avatar
    12 play drive, We get a first and goal at the 6. Jerrett gets 2 sacks on Brady and we take a 3.

    28-12. 9:44 left.

    It's like watching Alex Smith or Donovan McNabb, there is no pace. We run real hurry up in meaningless games. Do it now!
  6. Amy's Avatar
    Tevin Coleman down with 8:48 left.
  7. Amy's Avatar
    Strip sack High!

    Branch recovers!

    We're at the Falcon 25!
  8. Amy's Avatar
    Why run play action? Sack for Freeny.
  9. Amy's Avatar
    TD Danny!
  10. Amy's Avatar
    2 point try is good!

    Direct snap to White.


    5:56 left.
  11. Amy's Avatar
    Falcons start at the 10,

    Go defense!
  12. Amy's Avatar
    How do you not cover Freeman at all?
  13. Amy's Avatar
    Schraeder, the Falcon right tackle is down. 5:07 left.
  14. Amy's Avatar
    Amazing catch by Julio
  15. Amy's Avatar
    Ryan sacked by Flowers. We take timeout #1.

    3:50 left.
  16. Amy's Avatar
    Holding on Atlanta. 3rd and 33.
  17. Amy's Avatar
    We'll get the ball back.

    We have a chance!
  18. Amy's Avatar
    We start at the 9.

    Down 8. 3:30 left
  19. Amy's Avatar
    1st and 10: Jerrett pressures Brady again. Incomplete pass.
    2nd and 10: Brady deep to Hogan, Collins defends it.
    3rd and 10: Brady to Hogan for 16.

    3:00 left.

    1st and 10: Alford knocks down a pass to Jules.
    2nd and 10: Brady to Mitchell, 11
    1st and 10: Brady to Jules. Alford knocks it in the air, but Jules make an amazing catch. The ball never hit the ground.

    The Falcons challenge, and if they fail, they are out of timeouts! Great catch.

    1st and 10: Brady to Danny for 20.

    We have 2 minutes to play and we are at the Falcon 20.

    We are still alive and if we lose, it won't be a blowout!
  20. Amy's Avatar
    2 minutes to go. Until, hopefully, overtime!

    We are at the Falcon 20 yard line.

    James White to the 7!
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