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Super Bowl 51 Live Blog!

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Last game of the season and I am glad it's almost kickoff.

Let's start with inactives for both teams.

The Pats are LaAdrian Waddle, DJ Foster, Jacoby Brissett, Michael Floyd, Cyrus Jones, Justin Coleman and Jordan Richards.

The Falcons are Nick Williams, Teron Ward, Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Dashon Goldson, Josh Keyes, Wes Scweitzer, and DJ Tialavea.

I think it's a good sign that Floyd is down as that hints that Danny Amendola is ok.

Lets Go Pats!

One More Win!

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  1. Amy's Avatar
    Good Anthem. No ad hoc's, no adding. It's the way it should be done.
  2. Amy's Avatar
    Wow, the Coke commercial was awesome. Well done!
  3. Amy's Avatar
    Falcons win the toss and they defer.

    Pats get the ball first.
  4. Amy's Avatar
    We three and out. On first down, Brady was high to Jules.
  5. Amy's Avatar
    Four and out. They lead with a 37 yard run by Freeman. But, we hold and Flowers sacks Ryan on 3rd and 5.
  6. Amy's Avatar
    9 plays and a punt. We move the ball ok, but once we get to the Falcon ball, they get two sacks in the next three plays and we punt.

    5:09 left in the quarter.
  7. Amy's Avatar
    5 plays and a punt. They move the ball well, but Branch gets a 3rd down sack this time.

    4 sacks and 4 punts so far.

    1:36 left in the quarter.
  8. Amy's Avatar
    We finish the quarter with a 13 yard pass to Jules, and 2 Blount runs for a total of 8. We'll have a 3rd and 2 at the 38 to start the second quarter.

    0-0 after one. This is pretty unexpected, but it has been a good game so far.
  9. Amy's Avatar
    We have good and back. We pick up the first with a 27 yard play to Jules.

    On the next play, LG gets four, the ball comes out and Atlanta gets it.

    Frustrating. We were in scoring range.
  10. Amy's Avatar
    They shred up.

    Two passes to Julio for 42.

    Two runs by Freeman for 23. That gave them a 2nd and 1 from the 6.

    Hightower calls timeout.

    Freeman finishes the drive the next play with a sweep TD.

    C'mon defense!

    7-0 Falcons. 12:15 left in the half.

    That was a terrible sequence for us.
  11. Amy's Avatar
    Three and out.

    11:04 left.
  12. Amy's Avatar
    Bad punt.

    Nothing is going right.
  13. Amy's Avatar
    They keep crusing.

    Play actions to Gabriel for 24 and Julio for 19.

    We stop Coleman for 1, and they go to Hooper in the endzone. Chung defends it.

    They go right back to him, however, and this time Hooper beats Chung for the TD.

    14-0 Falcons. 8:48 left.

    This quarter has been all Falcons.

    Someone on the Pats needs to make a play.
  14. Amy's Avatar

    Long ugly drive ends in a pick 6.

    21-0 Falcons.

    I think is this blog is done unless we rally.

  15. Amy's Avatar
    Marty with back to back bonehead plays at the end of the half.

    21-3 with two quarters to go.

    /If/ the defense can play perfect and /if/ we can stop f'ing up inside the Falcon 35, we have a slight chance. A very slight chance.
  16. Amy's Avatar
    3 and out for the Falcons to start the half. They punt with 13:19 left in the third.
  17. Amy's Avatar
    Jules had a great punt return that starts us at the 47. Atl used a challenge on the return or we would have been at the Falcon 47.

    We waste it. 3 and out. The Falcons do use a timeout.

    12:52 left.
  18. Amy's Avatar
    There's the dagger. 9 plays. Ryan to Coleman for a 6 yard TD.

    28-3 Falcons. 8:31 left.
  19. Amy's Avatar
    The good news is we get a TD.

    The bad news is it was a 13 play drive and we took over six minutes to score.

    And Steven misses the XP.

    Nothing is good tonight.

    28-9. 2:06 left.
  20. Amy's Avatar
    We go for the onsides, and Steven messes it up.
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