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Fixing NCAA Football Scholarship Mess

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Oversigning, Greyshirting, et al come from some basic faults with the NCAA and its rules.
Here is how I would fix them.

1) Scholarships need to be 5 years, not 1 year.
Many people, players included don't know that athletic scholarships are 1 year contracts with a school option. The NCAA gives 5 years of college to use 4 years of eligibility. So why aren't Scholarships for the FULL RIDE, not year to year?

2) The 85 scholarship rule needs to be NO EXCEPTIONS, no medical exceptions, no academic exceptions, no dropout exceptions. If you want to use all your scholarships, pick well. If you allow exceptions, then there is pressure to force student artificially into these exceptions.

3) All teams need to operate under the SAME rules.
I know this will sound nuts, but SEC teams operate under DIFFERENT rules than Big Ten teams. This is insane. The NCAA is a governing body. It needs to act as a "league" and ENFORCE one rule across all teams. The artifice of "conferences" needs to be squashed.

4) National Letters of Intent should have NO exceptions, period.
Else it just becomes another exercise in intimidation by the schools.

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  1. Pruitt's Avatar
    I am amazed that the NCAA still exists in its current form. It is a billion dollar organization that is run by people who act like it's still the mid-50's.

    Where is the Marvin Miller for the scholarship athletes?
  2. darvon's Avatar
    The management goons haven't let him talk to the players yet.

    Seriously, the problem is that the players perceive too much to lose to rock the boat. It's going to have to come from the non-draftable players. Going to be hard.