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Current CBA / NFL Proposal / NFLPA Proposal

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I am going to use this blog to track the CBA Proposals until resolution, as best as I can. If you see errors, post comments. I will keep this top page current. I will add information as I get it.


Current CBA (All Revenue - 11%) x 60% = Player Revenue

Currently the NFL made about $9 Billion. This is called "All Revenue" in the vernacular. The NFL gets 11% ($1 Billion) of the top (called "Expenses"), leaving $8B (called "Total Revenue" even if it isn't). The players get a fixed percentage of that (59.6%) which is how the Salary cap is determined for each of the 32 clubs.

NFL Proposal 2/1/11 (All Revenue - 29%) X 60% = Player Revenue
This is the "NFL want an extra $1B off the top" proposal you have heard about.

NFLPA Proposal 2/9/11 (All Revenue - 0%) X 50% = Player Revenue
This the NFLPA counter. No Expenses. 50-50 split. Some limited "Expenses" for very specific usage. NFL Walks out of meeting. Cancels future meetings. Cancels Owners meetings.

Rookie Salary Cap

working on it - darvon

18 Game Schedule

working on it - darvon

Free Agency

working on it - darvon

Franchise Tags

NFLPA 2/7/11
"We have received reports that the NFL is advising clubs that they can place a franchise tag on players whose contracts will expire at the end of the 2010 league year. The current CBA provides that "each club shall be permitted to designate one of its players who would otherwise be an Unrestricted Free Agent [or Restricted Free Agent] as a Franchise Player each season during the term of this Agreement." The 2011 season is not a "season during the term of this Agreement" so the NFL has no valid basis for claiming the right to franchise players in 2011."

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