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The Legal Bowl

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Joe: Welcome Back fans. Wasn't that a great half-time show, Troy?

Troy: Yes it was, Joe. I just love big bands. Who knew Glenn Miller was still alive?

Joe: Well the game is really starting to heat up. This rivalry goes way back to the great Legal Bowl XXIVC in 1994, with the NFLPA winning and Reggie White as MVP.

Troy: That was a turning point in the series Joe, since then the NFL has usually succumbed to the NFLPA teams, right up to the last time these teams met, in the 2006 Legal Bowl.

Joe: The NFL,led by Paul Tagliabue in his last game before retirement, really got pounded by the NFLPA led by the late Gene Upshaw.

Troy: You know Joe, many say that his poor showing in that lopsided game cost Tags a chance at the Hall of Fame. It was a lousy way to go out.

Joe: Well this game is definitely not a blowout. The two sides have gone back and forth in the first half. Let's re-introduce the squads.

Troy: Both teams are led by rookies. The NFL is led by Rodger Goodell, aka The Sherriff. Roger brings a mix of wily veteran owners and powerful young owners to the arena today.

Joe: And on the NFLPA side is DeMaurice Smith. Although Dee Smith is a rookie himself he leads an All Star squad of the likes of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees into today's game.

Troy: The NFL really came into today's game prepared. After receiving the ball they immediately went for the jugular and "Opted-Out" 2 years early.

Joe: A daring plan to force the NFLPA to slog it out in negotiations.

Troy: There have been a lot of penalties in the first half. 26 against the NFL and only 4 against the NFLPA. Head Linesman David Doty has been busy.

Joe: There have been grumblings on the NFL sideline about the officiating. 26 to 4 is a big advantage for the NFLPA.

Troy: I think its more that the NFL is pushing the envelope out there and Doty isn't having any of it.

Joe: It is getting a little chippy out there. Wide Receiver Richardson has had words with Manning on the sidelines. He seems to be taunting him.

Troy: Goodell has to keep a lid on his teams emotions. Wide Receivers can get too emotional and get unproductive some times. Goodell has to keep the team focused.

Joe: In the first half, after 17 days of heads down negotiations neither side has scored. The NFL got into the redzone late, but there was a call on TV Contracts that was challenged by the NFLPA and it went to the booth where the initial ruling by Umpire Stephen Burbank was overruled and that snuffed out the NFL drive.

Troy: Yes. Although the NFL had a flurry of activity at the closing seconds, no one scored.

Joe: And now we start the second half. NFLPA's ball. Dee is fading back…back…it looks like. YES. Smith is going to Decertify.

Troy: That's a risky maneuver, but the NFLPA had to do something to get this game unstuck.

Joe: The NFLPA is starting to move. The ball is snapped to Manning, who laterals it to Brees, who laterals it to Brady. Brady is going deep to Jeffrey Kessler on an Anti-Trust route. It's good for a big gain.

Troy: The NFL is going to a LOCKOUT coverage. This is getting exciting. The litigation is starting to fly and we should see some action now.

Joe: After this important message from our sponsors….

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