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Swayne McDaniels, SouthEastern Mississippi Tech-Buloxi's senior left-handed long snapper had a BIG ProDay with over 22 clubs in attendance.

"With more than half of the NFL punters being left-handed, the demand for left-handed long-snappers is huge, and Swayne is the best of the best.", commented SEMTB's coach David (Flem) McDaniels.

Clubs in attendance included New England, Indianapolis, and the SuperBowl Champs, Green Bay.

SEMTB's Sports Information Director, Heather McDaniels, made sure that all 32 NFL clubs got a special package touting SEMTB's conference record holding long-snapper.

Swayne is expected to go in the high second round or low first round in the April draft, although with the uncertainty of Free Agents, some clubs with left-handed punters or clubs considering left-handed punters, might step up and snatch Swayne early.

New England Coach Bill Bellichek, who attended Swayne's ProDay was asked his opinion on the talented senior, but declined comment.

Swayne went through drills at ProDay partnered with his identical twin, Twayne, who is SEMTB's left-handed punter. Twayne won't be joining his brother in the draft, as he is only a Sophmore.

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