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    John Phillips

    I taped the HOF game and was so impressed with this kid...I was actually excited to watch him in the second game, then I found out he was out for the year...I'm not a Cowboys fan or anything, but it's kids like this that I feel bad for...hope he rebounds in the future and keeps workin hard at it...he's someone I woulda watched Cowboy games for just to watch him block
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    He looked great against the Bengals. He had 4rec 60yds in the first half. He ran crisp routes and displayed great hands bringing the ball down out of the air and holding on to it through contact. He also showed that he has solid blocking ability, though he could use some improvement there. He looked like a decent bet to contend for Martellus Bennett's 2nd string duties. Sorta looked like a young Witten. It's too bad he's out for the year now, and we suddenly look a little thin at TE with Bennett struggling as well.

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    Oh, I thought this was a thread about that dude from The Mamas & The Papas. My bad.

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