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Thread: Falcons hire Dirk Koetter

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    Falcons hire Dirk Koetter

    The Atlanta Falcons have hired former Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter as their new play caller, replacing Mike Mularkey, who was named the head coach in Jacksonville, league and team sources told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen.

    On Wednesday, Koetter had met with Alabama coach Nick Saban about the Crimson Tide's offensive coordinator position.

    Koetter worked with Falcons head coach Mike Smith in Jacksonville when Smith was a member of the Jaguars' staff.

    Mularkey named former Falcons quarterbacks coach Bob Bratkowski as his offensive coordinator in Jacksonville on Friday.


    Really?Did Mike look at the Jacksonville Offense and go "Yea,thats what I want"?
    Gues it's all about who you know in the NFL.
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    Yeah, I read that and cackled! Yeah, hiring South Jacksonville High's OC is the way to become more explosive to compete with the Saints and Panthers.
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    The comments in the newspaper mirror Amy's. Fans are underwhelmed and think this puts Mike Smith on the hot seat.

    I can see three reasons why Smith did this:

    1/ Familiarity=good working relationship
    2/ Solid running game despite no passing game in Jax
    3/ Koetter got himself into the NFL because of his vertical passing attack at Arizona State.

    Hard for folks here to get enthused about hiring a coach from a bad team with a bad offense. A quote that sums it up: "I think we just traded Rosanne Barr (Mularkey) for Rosie O’Donnel (Koetter)."

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    To be fair, it's not like Koetter had any tools at Jacksonville. David Garrard, Blaine Gabbert and Mike Thomas? Tough to win that way.
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    Like coaches do, Koetter has signed an old player of his from Jacksonville.

    Offensive Guard Vince Manuwai was an unrestricted free agent. He was an important part of Jax's good running game. But he's getting on in years, he's had big injuries the last three seasons and he has a weight problem. If he works out, 4 & 1 might not be quite so daunting. If he doesn't, maybe the money isn't that great.

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