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Thread: Long List of Things to Think About for NYG v. SF

  1. Article: Long List of Things to Think About for NYG v. SF

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    Good list, Cris, thanks.

    I'm suspect I'm with the majority in thinking that Alex Smith won't look as good this week. He played well and things broke his way last week. I doubt the Giants will help him the way Greg Williams did.

    I'm amused that the 49ers may suffer a home-field disadvantage, if it rains and a wet field slows down their pass rush.

    I'm looking forward to an old-fashioned type of game, a slugfest.

  3. This matchup will come down to a numbers game.....first count the players in the tackle box to stop the run. Which the defense will be able to stop the opposing running game without having to drop a safety in the box. He who stops the run consistently with their front 7 gets a leg up. The other key is which team will be able to generate the most consistent pressure just rushing 4 and dropping 7 into coverage. The defensive coordinator that has the luxury of blitzing because he wants to not because he has to has a big edge. As always, matchups at the line of scrimmage will determine if matchups on the perimeter even matter.

  4. The main weakness in the Giants defense, or entire team for that matter, is their secondary. They don't get burned deep quite as much as the Saints, though. The Saints DBs have that gambling, ball-hawking mentality, because they know if it works, Drew Brees will score. The Giants have a more disciplined style, where they cover long enough for their monster D-linemen to get the to QB, and don't go for quite as many undercut INTs. The G-men also have the luxury of only rushing 4 and getting pressure, while the Saints had to rush at least 5 to get to the QB. That left one man (Vernon Davis) uncovered many times. Your assessment of Antrel Rolle and the Giants' nickel defense is spot on.

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    I agree that a soggy field could slow the 49ers pass rush, but the Giants also have a pass rush that should be equally affected by the weather. The team that better stops the run and prevents the big play will go a long way toward who wins this game.

    The Saints went one on one too much with Vernon Davis and got destroyed. The Giants won't do that. They'll make someone else beat them. That means the interesting X Factor to watch in this game could be Delanie Walker.

    The Giants are more balanced, but Alex Smith is a confident QB right now, and the 49ers defense will be the best unit that hits the field. I really like SF in this matchup.

  6. The funny thing is that prior tape made it look like Alex Smith would be bothered by the blitz, but I think the Saints decision to blitz the 49ers in preseason really did help them prepare for what Greg Williams would bring. Smith looked totally under control and the blitz rarely got home.

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    The thing I will be looking at most in this game is 3rd down distance. In their first matchup (and I am speaking based on memory) the 49ers were able to chip away on 1st and 2nd downs and put themselves into good position on 3rd downs. As we know, the Giants pass rush thrives when they know the opposing QB will need to hold onto the ball for a few extra seconds.

    Therefore, the 49ers 1st and 2nd down plays become even more important. The Giants didn't play many teams this year with an excellent ground game like the 49ers, so it will be very interesting to see who wins that battle.

    I agree with Cris' #4 question. The Giants under Coughlin have been known for (stubbornly?) always running as often as they pass. This year it seemed to often lead to 3rd and long situations (as the Giants were last in rushing yards) and Eli had to bail them out. The 49ers defense is too good for that, so the Giants also really need to figure out a way to gain yards on 1st and 2nd downs.

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    I also think the RBs might be the keys. Smith is unlikely to play as well as he did last week, but the defense is unlikely to give up as many points as they did last week too.

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    The Giants are incredible when put up against pressure. Cris gave us the breakdown but nonetheless, they are a team with one dream. Maybe Rex & crew could bounce over & watch them. It's like Eli & Coughlin band together to prove to people that Eli is Elite [from his comments in the preseason] & Coughlin shouldn't be fired.

    The defense got to Rodgers unlike any other this season. Reminds me of when they got on the Patriots in the 2007 Week 17 & Super Bowl XLII. They studied well to not let Jennings, Driver & crew get too much daylight.

    Offense was able to make consistency happen. Amazed that "Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuz" was called in Lambeau Stadium! A Twitterer [Packers beat reporter] noted that the Giants fans travelled well. Also, the Goodness of Hakeem Nicks has been on display the last few games in particular. They can use Cruz, Bradshaw, Nicks & Co. to make it work offensive & make teams play to them.

    This 1990 Bowl on SUN will be fun to watch.

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    "When in doubt, go with the best quarterback."

    Is there statistical evidence to support that axiom in the playoffs?

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