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Glad the trip was good buck!! I'm glad my advice helped you not to be "that guy"!!

Now you're officially a member of the flying populace. Use what you learned to make subsequent trips even better. Once you fly enough you'll have a routine that works wonderfully and you can count on to make the experience of a major airport as good as it can be. I've been flying multiple times a month for over a decade and I still learn little stuff about diff airports everytime I fly.

I have my destination spots in every airport. But I have entirely different routines. One for business, and one for steelers games. One involves me drinking a lot and sleeping the entire flight, while the other involves me taking great care not to get my clothes wrinkled while I do paperwork..

Happy skies in the future buckeye!!
Thanks Mike! It was Awesome. I was like the Pit Crew @ both bin spots @ Check Point! LOL The DFW folks were looking at me hard! LOL I'll do it again too.