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Thread: Your top 5 favorite kitchen tools

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    Quote Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
    I just don't use my cast iron stuff. I don't like the flavor it imparts. Must be my body's way of saying I don't need iron?

    I no longer make coffee at home. But if I could find an affordable, insulated press I might consider it. A long time ago I used to grind beans every morning. What a cacophony! Not what you want first thing after waking up.
    My cast iron grill is a pure lifesaver. I get every bit the char of a gas grill, with the proper cooking technique on a great chicken breast or a ny strip. I can't have an actual grill where I live (hate where I live so I refuse to buy). Great second option in my cast iron grill. A properly prepared steak is so much better than any half ass attempt at an affordable restaurant.

    As far as making coffee.. I load my cuisinart coffee maker with beans, and set the timer to go off when my alarm does. If the noise doesn't wake me, the sweet smell of java will. I need to be up anyway.. hate buying coffee. Waiting behind all the fu fu drink orders and muffin and pastry purchasers at Starbucks. When Starbucks has a coffee only line perhaps I will change my view..
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    I'm decidedly blue collar on my coffee. It's Dunkin Donuts, baby. I insist on a fresh pot, though. Tastes like crap after just 5 minutes on their burner.

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