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Thread: The Most Talked-About Team That ISN'T Interested in Peyton Manning

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    I'd rather watch Sanchez play quarterback for the next half-century than read a word of what Steven A. Smith thinks. The man's a self-promoting halfwit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickMykita View Post
    Apparently the Jets have decided that they're okay with Mark Sanchez. They just signed #6 to an extension today, so we can pull their name out of the Manning Sweepstakes. Stephen A. Smith, writing for ESPN New York, is not happy.
    I wouldn't be happy either. If you're a Jets fan, you've got to be frustrated with this decision.
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    It certainly seems like a bad move. Sanchez has not progressed much, if at all, over the past season. It wouldn't be a big stretch to say he's backslid a little. Then again, Manning wouldn't have wanted to go there, anyway. That was one heck of a dysfunctional locker room.

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    Yeah, and with Santonio Holmes embedded, you have to wonder if it continues this season.

    Sanchez's struggles put Peyton Manning's accomplishments into perspective. Manning was able to take a mediocre team and squeeze every last bit of goodness out of it. Sanchez needs the support of a good team before he can be successful.

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