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Thread: Post-Free Agency: Assessing Remaining Bengals Needs

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    Bengals just traded LB Keith Rivers to the Giants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrzzerBwler View Post
    What I'm worried about,,,w/ the 17th pick the Cincinnati Bengals select Janoris Jenkins CB and all his red flags.
    If he is there and the team passes on him to me that is a sign that Marvin has finally convinced Mikey that being a Redeemer is not worth the time and effort. (I also pray another team selects him before the 2nd round pick comes up)
    Odell Thurman slid into the 2nd round, how'd that work out?

    I'm not that worried. The Bengals have taken risks with later picks and in free agency, but the biggest wart you'll find on any Marvin Lewis first round pick is Andre Smith's weight, and Andre's currently one of the lightest starters on the oline.

    I'd be shocked if the bengals take jenkins unless gilmore or kirkpatrick are both gone, and even then I'm not convinced they do it. Marvin is adamant about taking safe picks with first rounders who can contribute right away.

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    The Bengals now have 12 former first round picks on the team, and 2 first round picks in this year's draft.

    Their own:

    WR AJ Green
    TE Jermaine Gresham
    RT Andre Smith
    CB Leon Hall

    Free Agents signed:

    DE Jamaal Anderson
    DE Derrick Harvey
    CB Terrence Newman
    CB Pacman Jones
    CB Jason Allen
    CB Reggie Nelson
    LB Manny Lawson
    CB Nate Clements

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