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Thread: Luck vs Griffin, who SHOULD be #1 overall?

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    Luck vs Griffin, who SHOULD be #1 overall?

    I know this pick may be preordained, but tonight I had an epiphany. I know the colts offensive, and I mean that figuratively and literally, coordinator better than most. I've seen his terrible game plans for half a decade, and it dawned on me to apply that knowledge to the potential picks and their strengths and comfort zones, mixed with what I've seen from how he handled an elite qb those years.

    I'll use Greg cosells scouting ability as a basis. He's considered one of the top scouts of player ability. I agree. Here's his take on the luck vs rg3 conundrum.

    Based on what cosell saw, luck will not be very successful in arians scheme. Luck excels at throwing the short stuff, and audibling to be able to throw the short stuff. That's the total opposite of arians scheme. It's all about the deep ball, which luck hasnt done that much, and doesn't have an excellent arm to do so. Add to that the garbage line in Indy and ill predict by game 5 colts01 shares the same view of arians that trumpet and I have. Luck excels with 3 and 5 step drops, I'm not sure that exists in arians playbook sans a very, very few games. Even when the short drops worked excellently, it was never installed full time.

    However, rg3 is excellent throwing on the run, which is a good trait behind that o line. He's also great at throwing into a window down the field. He's got a great arm and great athleticism. Perfect for arians scheme.

    Indy has no run game, at all. And a not so good defense. There won't be many times this team plays not being behind. I can only assume the stupid offensive play calls will increase from arians as a result. The predictable play calls. The steelers ran 80% of their running plays to the right last year. Arians doesnt adjust, he just does what he does.

    Seems to me rg adjusts on the fly and hurls the rock better, while luck is more calculating and lives on the short stuff that stems from him changing the play at scrimmage to gain mismatches. Lucks higher football iq won't translate to this scheme as well as rg3's..

    Robert griffin III is the better pick for the colts given their chosen scheme. He might be better period. He's got the higher ceiling..

    Either way, colts fans prepare yourselves for lots of scripted bubble screens, lots of running plays to the right, and lots of deep stabs, even when they're not working at all. Welcome to arians-land. The home of predictibility...

    Is it rg running things to a 7-9 record, or luck setting the single season sack record in this scheme?
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