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Thread: Sanchez "doin work"

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    Sanchez "doin work"

    Apparently Mr sanchize is putting in time to get his timing down with his receivers.

    The link, is slightly more credible than "incarcerated bob" about sanchez though

    Maybe the trade for tebow has made sanchez more responsible, and more invested in trying not to be a total turd as a qb... At the very least he's scared about possibly losing his starting spot, so he is doin work with his receivers this off season. Perhaps he's trying to negate having a sub package for tebow to run...
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    However, when the source for the info is the team's trainer, it can't carry all that much credibility. It might as well be a press release from the Jets front office that 's being quoted.
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    Are we saying that this is the first time Sanchez has worked with his receivers in the off-season?

  4. Santonio Holmes is the one that reached out to Sanchez with the invite to work out at Disney's Wide World of Sports. Sanchez did see the benefit of accepting which is a plus.

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    What's the age of consent in Florida?

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