Now the new cba is in full effect for the first time. As such, teams are bound by the contractually agreed to stipulations. There is a STARK difference from the last cba, as it refers to the offseason program. From the frequency to the intensity, everything has been dialed down. A lot!!

How does this affect on field play? Does it benefit offense or defense? Here's an article that details the stipulations.

IMHO it supremely benefits the offense. It's all walk thrus with no hitting. Offenses get to develop rhythm and pace with no fear of being hit, because they can't. That will lead to sloppy tackling, much like last year.

This year teams get a full off season program, and we saw how well the offenses did last year with the new rules with little off season. Have we officially said farewell to defensive football? We may well have....

Defenders can't practice tackling or being physical, nearly as much as offenses can focus on timing and continuity. Last year was a monster offensive year, this year seems to project even more so as one..

We may read at the end of the season "steelers qb passes for over 5,000yds". Who would have even thought that? I wouldn't have, but its a legit possibility...

It's now clearly an offensive league. The few remaining great d' s may have a shot at making a difference..